Summary: Flash's wife's life force is drained in Ming's evil Inquisitor but not before her essence is saved for Rick's nearly completed new super computer, Dynak X. In the first real battle with Ming on Earth, our heroes are nearly electrocuted in an abandoned penitentiary.


Flash Gordon's spaceship crash lands near Mandrake and Lothar's mansion. Flash, semi-conscious, tells of Ming's plan to invade Earth, his escape from Ming's dungeons and leaving his wife and son, Rick Gordon, imprisoned. Meanwhile on Mongo, Rick Gordon's escape plan is aided by a cute little animal named Zuffy. Ming wastes no time draining the life force from Rick's mother before Flash, Mandrake and Lothar can rescue her. However, a unique crystal smashed from the Inquisitor, holds the essence of Rick's mother and the "soul" of Rick's planned super computer -- Dynak X. Flash's old friend, the Phantom, and his young daughter, Jedda, join forces to form The Defenders of the Earth. Later, Ming's Men of Frost kidnap L.J. and Rick, and entrap the rest of the De-fenders in an abandoned penitentiary. Just as Ming is about to electrocute Flash, Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom, L.J. and Rick break loose, rescue the others and escape. As the penitentiary explodes in the background, the new Defenders of the Earth swear allegiance to the destruction of Ming and the protection of our planet Earth.


Summary: A huge cavern located in a dormant volcano is chosen as the new home for the Defenders of the Earth and their super computer -- Dynak X.


At Mandrake's mansion, Rick is making the final adjustments to the super computer, Dynak X. Meanwhile, Ming intercepts a transmission from the Defenders to a fleet of Cryl ships. After determining the source of the transmission, Ming orders a full scale attack to destroy the team. In the confusion that ensues, Kshin and Zuffy stumble into a hole and find themselves in a huge cavern. Once Ming's offensive has been quelled, Dynak X confirms that although the cavern is buried deep in a dormant volcano, it would make a perfect headquarters for the Defenders. With all in agreement, the complex is named Monitor.


Summary: Kshin's experiments with Mandrake's forbidden sorcery books produces Shogoth, an evil demon. It takes all the Defenders to defeat this creature. In the end, Kshin learns a valuable lesson--what it takes to be a Defender of the Earth.


Kshin's run-in with the class bullies moves him to find the right spell from Mandrake's "forbidden" sorcery books. Without any of the other Defenders knowing, and from under his bed covers, Kshin and Zuffy call a pint size demon named Shogoth to "fix those bullies once and for all." Kshin's plan to scare the school yard tyrants works fine but Shogoth, with his size and strength quadrupled, decides to take on Central City.
Ming the Merciless, sensing an enormous power surge on Earth, convinces Shogoth that Monitor is the only thing that stands between him and total domination. Flash and the Phantom contain the monster long enough for Mandrake and Lothar the reverse Kshin's spell and shrink Shogoth to his original size. Ming demands that Shogoth give it one more try, but Shogoth has had enough of the Defenders and retreats to his own dimension.


Summary: The Phantom's family secret! His evil older brother joins forces with Ming the Merciless and becomes N'Dama - The Weather Demon! A


Kurt Walker, Kit Walker's older brother, would have been the Phantom had he lived up to the Phantom name, but he had an evil streak in him. Instead, Kit, the younger son, was made the Phantom by his father. Ming the Merciless finds the vengeful Kurt and gives him 24 hours worth of super powers as N'Dama, The Weather Demon. N'Dama wreaks weather havoc on the Phantom's Bandar People to flush out his brother and niece, Jedda. Once face-to-face, N'Dama challenges the Phantom to a race for the Jewel of Zandoon. In doing so, he recreates the test their father had used, when they were boys; to determine who would be the next Phantom. This time, however, N'Dama (Kurt) plans to win the race.


Summary: Ultracomputer Dynak X is invaded by Ming's Electronic Maggot--and miniaturized Defenders must fight her war within!


Dynak X is invited to challenge the World Chess Championship's computer to a game --and Ming gets his hideous Electronic Maggot into the link-up. Dynak X is taken over, attacked and devoured from the inside. Dynak X has only one hour to live--unless the Maggot can be stopped.
The Phantom heads for Ice Station Earth to take out Ming's power station, while Rick tries out his new experimental "Micronizer", a device that reduces anything to micro-size. It's not perfected yet; after one hour the effect wears off. The young Defenders, in tiny form enter Dynak X and fight off the Electronic Maggot. With time running out, they keep the creature at bay until the Phantom hits the power station and cuts the Maggot's life-line.


Summary: A famous scientist's plant food experiment backfires--into a formula that turns people into plants!


Dr. Whitestead's plant food formula goes haywire--spilling on him and turning him into a plant! Ming seizes the scientist and his sixteen year old daughter, Bridget, and gets the formula from them. The formula requires a rare herb, Loba, and only Whitestead's friend Mandrake knows where to find it. The Defenders are all attending a Central City high society "soiree." Ming sends a mind-controlled transmitterized Bridget to capture Mandrake. Jedda snaps Bridget out of trance, but not before Ming finds out where the Loba is.
Ming's robots harvest the herb and bring it to Ice Station Earth. Mandrake and Lothar use super strength and illusion to spring Dr. Whitestead, but they learn that Ming is about to dust the world with tons of the terrible plant formula--by exploding it from outer space. Dynak X and Flash Gordon work to create world-wide rain to dilute the dust, which only makes things worse. The whole world sprouts roots? In a last ditch effort, Flash, using an idea from Kshin's science project, forms a giant tuning fork in space. It sends a huge sound wave out all over the Earth. All the roots recede--the Earth is saved! STORY


Summary: Ming the Merciless develops a weather control device and plots to freeze the world solid!


Ming is developing a weather control weapon but he needs the special circuitry in Rick Gordon's communicator ring to use it worldwide. Ming's forces capture Flash Gordon in a battle and hold him at Ice Station Earth. Ming relies on Rick's impulsiveness. The boy is alone when he hears of his father's capture, and instead of waiting for help, rushes off on his own. Rick is taken prisoner also--but the other Defenders are on their way! They free Flash and are pursued by the evil and ferocious Mongor through the Maze of No Return. They emerge safely just in time to catch Ming about to hook up with Rick's ring and freeze the planet! Jedda uses her Pendant Power to make Mongor go wild and destroy the weather machine.


Summary: A mammoth killer-robot from another galaxy has been buried right under Central City for more than ten million years--Ming discovers a way to wake it up!


The Annihilator, a giant pre-historic robot, crash lands on earth eons before our civilization and disappears into the primordial ooze. Pre-programmed to destroy everything in its path, the behemoth lies dormant below Central City.
Ming is secretly informed of its existence and distracts the Defenders to different parts of the galaxy after which he activates the Annihilator from its ancient burial crypt. Kshin, left at Monitor, discovers that only he is small enough to enter and deactivate this rampaging giant. Cheered on by Zuffy and Kisa and directed by Rick and Dynak X, Kshin crawls to the power source and...knocks it out.


Summary: The beautiful space princess Astra plans revenge against Flash Gordon--She gives Ming the Merciless her secret formula for a race of unstoppable slaves --The Clay People!


Princess Astra mistakenly believes that Flash Gordon is responsible for her mother's death, and she is bent on revenge. She has agreed to help Ming by sharing her secret--a rare blue clay, which, combined with the power from her psychic bracelet, can mold people into mindless obedient slaves. In return she demands Flash Gordon's life!
The only source of the special clay is the Phantom's home, the Bandar Village in the Deep Woods of Africa. Every 100 years the blue clay rises from the Earth--and it's happening now! Princess Astra captures the Phantom and uses him to lure Flash Gordon to the Ice Station Earth. The rest of the Defenders come to the rescue, as Jedda matches her own psychic powers with Astra's. She is able to get the power bracelet and uses it to render Astra and Ming defenseless.


Summary: The awesome intergalactic storehouse of knowledge visits the Galaxy--and the Defenders must keep Ming from stealing its deadly weapon!


The incredible Hall of Wisdom pays its-2000-year, 24-hour visit to the Galaxy. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Ming to get his hands on the dreaded Quasar Weapon, with which he can conquer the Earth. The Defenders battle through Ming's forces and reach the Hall first, but Rick Gordon is "killed." The Hall is able to bring him back to life, for a price--Rick and Jedda are to be taken as specimens for the Hall zoo! When Ming invades the Hall, Rick seizes the Quasar Weapon first. He's nearly intoxicated by the power of the weapon, but he tells Ming that no one should have this kind of power. The Hall is pleased and lets Rick and the other De-fenders go, banishing Ming from its portals forever.


Summary: Part I - Ming gets control of the Battle Simulation Room, and the Defenders are fighting for real!


The Defenders add a new twist to the Battle Simulation Room--a Thought-Transference Cap. It transmits the wearer's imagination directly into the simulation; Kshin loves to use it to scare the other Defenders the best he can. But Ming the Merciless has found a way to tap into the Room. Using his ghastly power source, he can use his own evil thoughts and intensify them into reality! What starts out as a thrilling simulation under Kshin is taken over by Ming and turned into a terrible fight to the death in the all-too-real Haunted World. While the older Defenders fight monsters, harpies and skeleton warriors, the desperate young Defenders destroy the simulator and end the horror.


Summary: Mandrake and Lothar join forces with the beautiful Atascadero to find The Lost Jewels of Tibet. They discover, along with Ming, the wrath of a pre-historic dragon.


On a cool London evening, outside the Museum of Antiquity, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar rescue the beautiful adventurer Atascadero from the clutches of Garax, Ming's warlord. The reason--an ancient map of Tibet showing the location of the completely isolated Valley of Ubris where three enormous "jewels of power" are rumored to reside. Atascadero offers a three way split. Mandrake's interest in beautiful women and adventure leave him no choice. Unfortunately, Garax's robot memory was able to photograph the map as well and Ming believes these stones hold a secret that will allow him to conquer the Earth. The rest of the Defenders smell trouble. The Phantom knows the complete legend and the enormous danger involved with removing the gems. Mandrake, Lothar and Atascadero find out that the "Gems" are really very powerful eggs that when moved release a huge dragon from outerspace. Meanwhile, Garax and a squad of Ice Robots move in and try to snatch the Jewels only to be driven back by the frightful mother dragon who "hatches" the brood in a nearby volcano and disappears into space.


Summary: Ming utilizes his Star of Mongo crystal to tap Kshin's fertile imagination in the battle simulation room and brings to life "anti" Defenders who can destroy the real Defenders once and for all.


Ming lures Kshin to Ice Station Earth by kidnapping Zuffy, then probes the dark side of Kshin's imagination to create fearsome warriors capable of destroying the Defenders. While the heroes work diligently to dismantle the Doomsday Warhead, a device left in the universe from an earlier holocaust, they are invaded by RADIAN, BI-NINJA, RIPPER, ZALZAR, JAMMER HEAD, and NEUTRON MAN, all products of Kshin's mind. Two of the evil warriors recapture the Doomsday Warhead and transport it to Ming's asteroid base, while the rest stay on to finish off the Defenders. Meanwhile, the young Defenders fly to Ice Station Earth to rescue Kshin. With the help of Dynak Y the super heroes trick the mind warriors into thinking they're dead. With Kshin free and the Doomsday Warhead moments from being launched against Earth, Kshin uses the good side of his imagination to make all the Defenders even stronger, enabling them to defeat the mind warriors and reset the guidance controls in the Doomsday Warhead, thereby blowing up Ming's asteriod base and saving Earth.


Summary: Ming springs from prison an evil ex-Shadow Lord and nemesis of Mandrake, and orders him to locate the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS that will enable Dr. Dark to grant the Merciless One immortality.


Ming arranges the prison escape of Dr. Damion Dark, who brings with him from jail three psychic warriors -- LILLITH, RA and MARA -- and sends Dark, backed by his forces, to the island of RYLOS, where Dark will begin his search for the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS which will bestow upon him the power to grant Ming immortality. Mandrake learns of Dark's plan through VANDAR, the powerful Master of the Shadow Lords and mentor-to the super hero, He enlists the help of his comrades Flash, Rick, Lothar and L.J. to transport him to Rylos and try to stop Dark. The Defenders arrive on Rylos to discover that Dark has captured Vandar and gained possession of the VIAL OF KNOWLEDGE -- which holds the information of the location of the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS but can only be opened in one specific place, a place of which only Vandar knows. Dark escapes from the island with Vandar by holding Rick hostage. Mara refuses to go with the evil ones, turning to the goodness of the Defenders. She uses her psychic ability to discover where Dark will open the Vial of Knowledge, and the Defenders race to the scene, engage in an all-out battle deep in the WELL OF ESSENCE, defeat Dark and recover the Vial of Knowledge without Dark discovering the location of the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS. In the battle however, Vandar dies, Mara is lost and Dark, unbeknownst to the Defenders, survives.


Summary: Ming plots to steal the Crown Jewels of England so that he can grow invincible crystal soldiers and conquer the world!


When Ming captures and delivers the Phantom to the Beastmaster, he learns the secret of growing invincible crystal soldiers from diamonds. Immediately Ming sets into motion a plot to steal the largest jewels on earth -- the Crown Jewels of England -- and grow an invincible army of crystal soldiers. When the Defenders learn of Ming's latest scheme, Flash sets out for Ragnor Zith, a dangerous criminal hideout, but the only planet in the galaxy with Orkite, the only mineral which can convert crystal soldiers back into diamonds. Meanwhile the young Defenders rescue the Phantom from an isolated island in the middle of an African lake, while in London Mandrake and Lothar fight off the first attempt by Ming's initial batch of crystal soldiers, grown from regular diamonds, to steal the valuable jewels. The young Defenders join Lothar and Mandrake in London when the crystal soldiers return. It looks as though the Crown Jewels will soon be in Ming's evil hands when Flash bursts onto the scene with an Orkite - generated blaster gun -- reducing the crystal soldiers to diamonds and saving the planet from Ming's decrepit rule. STORY


Summary: Ming launches a Frost Satellite with the power to blanket the earth with a veneer of frost and enslave all of humanity.


For Ming's plan to blanket the earth with a veneer of frost to be successful, the satellite requires the strength of a Starblue Crystal, of which only three exist. During a ceremony in which Mandrake donates his Starblue Crystal to the Central City Museum, the Defenders fight off an invasion by Ming's forces and capture two of his Men of Frost, Elgar and Zikry. Rick makes good use of a new invention which re-humanizes Men of Frost and Elgar tells the Defenders of Ming's plan to conquer earth. Zikry however, remains loyal to Ming and sabotages Dynak X before our heroes discover his true "evil" side. When Ming locates the last remaining Starblue Crystal he launches the satellite. It appears that it may be too late to stop Ming, but the Defenders fly out in their battle ships, engage Ming's roboships in an outer-space dog-fight, and explode the satellite with seconds to spare.


Summary: Ming uses his freeze-ray weapon to capture unstoppable alien creatures, transport them to earth and unleash them on the world.


Ming's forces travel to the planet Grubor, where they use his freeze-ray weapon to capture six Cave Slugs -- invincible alien creatures the size of semi-trucks who can and do eat anything, including rock, metal and laser beams. They are harmless unless provoked, whereupon they counterattack with tremendous force. The Merciless One deploys his first Cave Slug in a mine tunnel beneath Monitor, and as the alien munches its way towards the Defenders headquarters, Kshin and Zuffy stumble upon it and must be rescued by the Defenders. At the time the Cave Slug breaks through the top of the Volcano and heads to Central City, Ming places the five other Cave Slugs in major cities all over the world. The Defenders make the costly mistake of attacking the Cave Slug, sending it on a rampage until Jedda uses her animal telepathic contact abilities to make peace with the alien monster. Infuriated, Ming decides that if our heroes won't provoke the creatures, he will; however, his attack on the earth is crushed when the Cave Slugs counterattack Ming's forces. The misunderstanding settled, the Defenders happily transport the Cave Slugs back to Grubor.


Summary: Ming treks to the hidden Temple of Pantheria to acquire the sacred panther tooth which he will use to control the world's panthers, ordering them to wreak havoc on the world and destroy the Defenders!


When the famous explorer Andrew Huxley encounters the wrath of Ming the Merciless while on expedition in Africa, he immediately calls in the Defenders. Ming kidnaps the Chief of the Bandar tribe after destroying their village, and forces him to lead the way to the hidden Temple of Pantheria. Before the Defenders depart for Africa they confine Kisa in a forcefield -- for her own, as well as the other's, safety -- leaving the key card with Kshin, under strict orders not to let Kisa out or give the key card to any-one else, especially Jedda. A short time later Kshin, disobeying direct orders, hands over the card to Jedda, who lets Kisa free. Meanwhile Ming reaches the Temple of Pantheria, locates the sacred tooth and with its powers orders Kisa to attack and destroy the Defenders. Kisa obeys, wreaking havoc all over Central City. Rick and Jedda track Kisa down and just as Rick is about to shoot her, the Defenders locate Ming in Africa and, with the help of Mandrake's illusory power, wrest control of the sacred tooth. He reverses Ming's orders just in time to save Kisa and our heroes.


Summary: Ming schemes to take over the earth by using an oceanographer's invention to turn all the fish in the sea against mankind.


Ming's attack on an oil platform, to capture a main computer containing the earth's entire energy network, is foiled by the Defenders, but all is not lost as he spots oceanographer Maurice Quiston using a brainwave transmission helmet to communicate with sea creatures. Ming appeals to Quiston's love of the sea world and convinces him to join forces in battling the ocean-destructive forces of modern society. With Qusiton operating out of Ice Station Earth, all the ocean's inhabitants obey his orders, joining together to attack oil tankers, undersea food farms and sewage systems all over the globe. Meanwhile the Phantom, and old friend of Quistons, finds the oceanographer's floating sea-platform vacant, while Falsh, Lothar, Jedda and Mandrake try to save the food farm from destruction. Quiston discovers that Ming has double-crossed him when the Evil One destroys his sea platform. He joins forces with the Phantom to stop the ocean life's attacks and then blows up his brainwave transmission helmet and computer in the control room of Ming's Ice Station Earth.


Summary: Jedda agrees to become N'Dama's protege, the Weather Demon, in exchange for help in saving her father's life.


Ming captures the Phantom and Jedda as they return from the race against N'Dama (really the Phantom's brother Kurt Walker) for the Jewel of Zandoon. Once again his old self, Kurt Walker stows away on Ming's ship, and back at Ice Station Earth he watches as Ming places the Phantom in the Deep Freeze Chamber. Small Fry, a monkey the Phantom and Jedda picked up in Africa, sabotages the wiring of the Freeze Chamber, buying the Phantom more time and allowing Jedda and Kurt to escape into the corridors of Ming's hideout. Jedda saves Kurt's life more than once before he finds the Golden Chamber and turns himself back into N'Dama; however, he refuses to help Jedda save the Phantom until she promises to reject the Phantom's birthright and becomes his protege. Using his skull ring the Phantom escapes the Freeze Chamber and is horrified to find Jedda in the uniform of the Weather Demon. N'Dama steals the valuable mineral Thalacitrate, which will allow him to remain N'Dama forever, from Ming. The Phantom and Jedda, poised for take-off from Ice Station Earth, benevolently save N'Dama's life, prompting the Spirit of the Winds to restore her birthright before he disappears in a mysterious flash of light.


Summary : Ming develops Android Clones of the Defenders and programs them to commit a series of crimes, so that the real Defenders will be put on trial by the Galactic Federation -- and banished to a galaxy 300 light years from Earth.


The Defenders fly into space to investigate a mysterious comet and discover, too late to break from the tractor beams dragging them toward the comet, that in reality it is an Ilyrian spaceship. Inside the ship the Defenders are informed that they will be tried as the greatest criminals in the galaxy, with Ming as the accuser!! In exchange for his irrefutable evidence against the Defenders, the Evil One receives, under the pretense of "tools to rebuild the Earth", an anti-gravity device, a space warp drive, a machine to quadruple food harvests, and an energy shield to make all weapons obsolete, but these "tools" will actually serve to help Ming conquer the world. When the evidence is presented in court -- film of the Defenders (actually Ming's Android Clones) -- committing heinous crimes against the people of earth, things look bleak for our heroes. Rick, L.J. and Jedda manage to escape and invade Ice Station Earth, where they locate the androids and uncover Ming's plan. Back on the Ilyrian ship the Defenders are found guilty and sentenced to banishment to a galaxy 300 light years from earth, however just prior to their transport the young Defenders burst into the courtroom with the androids and save the day.


Summary: In Ming's latest plot ---Using his Mind Neutralizer to enslave the human race, Ming manipulates his own daughter, Aura, to capture Flash, Rick, Jedda and L.J.


Ming's estranged daughter, Aura, crash lands her ship on Monitor and informs the Defenders of her father's latest scheme to enslave the population of earth with his Mind Neutralizer. Flash, an old friend of Aura's who once saved her and her husband, Barin, from destruction at the hands of Ming, immediately sets out for Grand Junction with Aura, Rick, Jedda and L.J. Upon arriving they discover that all the city's officials are already under Ming's hypnosis and that Aura's motivation is revenge -- pure and simple. As Mandrake, the Phantom and Lothar rush to the rescue, the Defenders escape and convince Aura that she is an unwitting dupe in Ming's evil scheme. Briefly captured but now free, Mandrake and Lothar, with the Phantom set to work on reversing the polarity of Ming's neutralizer before he hypnotizes the entire world, while Flash, Rick, L.J., Jedda and Aura fly to an alien planet to rescue Barin. Seconds before Ming's scheme enslaves the world Dynak X completes the reversal, and all those previously under Ming's spell are once again free-thinkers.


Summary: When an overzealous 13 year-old superhero "wanna-be" spends a day at Monitor, it could mean the destruction of earth.


At the dedication ceremony for a new courthouse built in honor of our heroes, 13 year-old Earl Sump, bespectacled and dressed in a homemade superhero suit, captures two pick-pockets in the crowd. His reward -- a day spent at Monitor with his idols, the Defenders of the Earth. Immediately Earl's overzealous nature endangers our heroes --he almost causes the Defender ship to crash, and when the Defenders fly out to a distant planet to investigate some strange behavior, Earl stows away, his antics on board causing Flash's ship to run aground and nearly be destroyed. Back on Monitor Earl locks Jedda in a storage compartment and hijacks a ship which he pilots to Ice Station Earth. Unintentionally he rewires Octon, turning the evil computer into his amicable sidekick, and brings him back to Monitor. Earl then plans a day of celebration in his honor, inviting all of Central City to take part. This all invokes the wrath of Ming, who invades the party. Earl unintentionally turns Octon back into his old self, and it looks as if Ming will destroy the residents of Central City, however the Defenders arrive in the nick of time to drive Ming away and save the populace.


Summary: Ming captures a powerful source of anti-energy and unleashes an army of monsters from the Nightworld on the earth.


Deep in Africa Ming locates an anti-energy source enabling him to open the Nightgiant Doorway and unleash 7-story tall nightgiants to destroy the earth. Flash flies out to space to destroy a Ming satellite, but his ship is immoblized by the Merciless One's roboships, while the Phantom goes to Africa to terminate Ming's activities in the Forgotten City. As the nightgiants terrorize various parts of the globe Rick intercepts a transmission from Ming to Garax and discovers that a transport invertor will eliminate the monsters. Mandrake, Lothar, Rick, L.J., Jedda, Kshin and Zuffy take on two nightgiants outside of Central City while racing to the stadium to retrieve the saving invertordevice. As they recover the device, Rick is captured by one of the creatures. Jedda departs for Africa, where her father will use the transport invertor to close the nightgiant doorway, while the other Defenders save Rick. Out in space Flash finally fights off all of Ming's minions and blows the satellite. Jedda delivers the transport invertor to the Phantom and they battle Ming's troops before employing the device and sending the nightgiants back to their own world.


Summary: Octon and Garax concoct a bogus scheme to overthrow Ming, luring the young Defenders to Ice Station Earth where Ming probes Rick's mind for the secret plans to Monitor's defense systems.


While captives in Ming's jail, Rick and Jedda overhear Octon and Garax's plans to revolt against Ming. In exchange for their freedom, the Defenders offer to help in the scheme. When the uprising begins, Octon contacts Monitor in a plea for help, however Flash and the other Defenders recognize this as another in a long line of Ming's vile attempts to destroy the Defenders. Rick, L.J. and Jedda disagree and with Kshin and Zuffy as stowaways, the three fly off to Ice Station Earth to help defeat Ming. They arrive at Ming's devastated headquarters to discover that it is indeed another of Ming's schemes -- the Three Sorcerers Of Teros created the illusion of a battle torn command center explicitly to lure the young Defenders there so that Ming can probe Rick's mind for the plans to Monitor's defense system. When Flash, Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom arrive to rescue the kids they engage the Sorcerers in combat. Flash uses his sonic-ray blaster to destroy the crystals encircling the Sorcerers, while Mandrake and Lothar unstrap Rick from Ming's mind-draining device. United with Jedda and L.J., the Defenders of the Earth destabilize the shifting ice flow under Ice Station Earth before mounting their ships for the flight back to Monitor, once again victorious in battle -- but yet to win the war.


Summary: Ming unleashes a parasitic, life-killing mutant on the Defenders and sends them back in time in a plan to eliminate the Defenders and destroy all life on earth from the early days.


Playing into Ming's hands, the Phantom and Mandrake steal a mutant life form from Ice Station Earth which they believe Ming will use to destroy all life on Earth. Ming then lures them into a vortex which sends them reeling back in time to the days of King Arthur's Court. During the journey, a part of the mutant form attached itself to Mandrake and now threatens his very life. When the Defenders are saved by Prince Valiant and his son, Arn, they learn of an evil warlock who lives in a castle on the top of a cliff and has taken the Prince's wife, Aleta, captive. The super heroes pledge their assistance. Flash, the Phantom, Mandrake, Lothar and Valiant scale the cliff below the warlock's castle, while Arn, Jedda and Rick wait at the base of the steep incline. While the Defenders and Valiant fight the warlocks guards and imaginary monsters, the deathly life form rises out of the lake by the cliffs and threatens Jedda, Rick and Arn. The Defenders break in on the Warlock, free Aleta and gain possession of the powerful Eternity Stone, just as Jedda telepathically warns them that the mutant is scaling the cliff and will soon engulf the castle. The Defenders beat a hasty escape. With a wrecked ship and no way of penetrating the now-closed vortex which brought them through time, the Defenders resign them-selves to spending the remainder of their days in this time period. However, Aleta uses the mystical powers of the Eternity Stone to raise their ship out of the lake and open the vortex, enabling them to travel back to the future and continue their fight against Ming the Merciless.


Summary: Ming's household helper robots are selling like hotcakes, however the public doesn't know that his Merciless Highness plans to enslave every one of their owners via satellite directed hypno- beam!!


The household helper robot, designed by Ming the Merciless in another of his evil schemes, is the hottest selling item on the market, deployed in over one million homes worldwide -- including Monitor. Ming plans to use a space satellite to direct a hypno-beam through the robots to hypnotize their owners and make them slaves of the evil emperor. At the behest of Jedda, Rick examines his robot and discovers the plot, alerting the Defenders. When Flash flys out to space to destroy the satellite he discovers Ming has a few tricks up his sleeve -- a tractor beam renders his ship powerless and drags him towards Ice Station Earth!! Splitting up, Lothar, Mandrake and the Phantom penetrate Ming's fortress to save Flash. While Ming captures the Jamaican and the Magician, the Phantom wreaks havoc on the robot production lab. Ming activates his hypno-beam and sets the final stages of his plan into motion, however back at Monitor Rick mobilizes his frequency inhibitor, overloading the household helper robots and rendering them useless. Back at Ming's fortress, Mandrake uses telekenesis to overload the main generator, enabling he, Lothar and Flash to escape with the Phantom. As the robot production lab blows, Ming evacuates safely -- surviving to return and fight another day.


Sumamry: A seemingly harmless young child crash lands on Earth, followed by an inter-galactic armada of alien ships bent on destroying him and the world!!!


While transporting Starchild, a child-like alien who has landed on earth, through the woods around Monitor, the young Defenders encounter two alien scouts who attempt to destroy their new acquaintance. With the help of the elder Defenders the scouts are run from the planet, but not before identifying the alien as an evil monster and promising to return. Back at Monitor, Dynak X informs our heroes that an armada of 200 alien ships are on their way to Earth, prompting Flash, Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom to fly into space to investigate. Meanwhile, Starchild blasts his way out of Monitor and rampages through Central City, with the young heroes on his trail. Amongst the stars, the senior Defenders talk to Roarke, a reptile-like alien, who tells them that Starchild is a genetically engineered being created by the great scientist Shoar Koron, and he has limitless powers -- which he has previously used to wipe out entire civilizations. The aliens intend to destroy Earth, thereby ridding the galaxy of the child. The young Defenders learn that Starchild is not really evil, but like any child he requires love and attention. Mandrake impersonates Koron to explain to Starchild that he must use his powers for good, not bad, and the little alien makes peace with all the space ships, before streaking away into the star system.


Summary: Aided by a powerful mystic, Ming brings to life gods from another dimension to help him conquer the world; however, his plan goes out of control when he underestimates his collaborator.


When statues of ancient gods mysteriously come to life the Defenders are summoned to the Himalayas by Mandrake's old magic teacher, Theron. Our heroes learn that Ming and a mystic are behind the bizarre occurances, another element in a plan to recover a sacred dorje which will bestow upon Ming the power to rule the world. When Ming gains control of the sacred dorje, Mandrake tries to warn him about the danger of his mystic collaborator, but to no avail. The mystic snatches the dorje from Ming and uses it to turn himself back into Shiva -- the destroyer god -- who was banished from his dimension of Bodhidarma ages ago. As Shiva proclaims "Let the time of destruction begin" and he fades into his other dimension, Mandrake must follow. Ming, true to his cowardly nature, flees the scene, leaving the Defenders to amend the world-threatening situation he brought about. In the other dimension Mandrake battles valiantly against Shiva, however it appears his efforts are not enough to defeat the god, until an image of Theron appears and informs Mandrake that in Bodhidarma his illusory powers are REAL, not products of his imagination. Mandrake uses this nifty piece of information to conquer Shiva, and Lothar manages to open up the portal back to our earthly dimension just in time for Mandrake to slip through -- with the powerful dorje.


Summary: Jedda, believing her father dead, must make the most important decision of her life -- is she ready to assume the role of PHANTOM?!?!


When industrial tycoon/hypochondriac Kent Madden's plan to buy a magic health elixer from Partha, son of Chief Ajuna of the of r ican Fallu tribe, goes awry, he makes a deal to obtain use of Ming's forces to steal the potion. The Phantom and Jedda learn of the plot and immediately fly to Africa in the skullcopter. On the way the Phantom is shot out of the sky by Madden and is believed killed. The Fallu implore Jedda to take up where her father left off -- as Phantom, protector of their tribe -- and after some heavy soul searching she does just that. As Madden and Ming invade in full force, Jedda valiantly leads the Fallu in counter-attack. Unbeknownst to her, the Phantom raises himself from the jungle -- he is alive -- and must call forth the strength of ten tigers just to muster the power to fly the skullcopter. With the father-daughter team together again Ming and Madden flee for their lives. The Fallu people are saved, however the sanctity of their location is violated, forcing them to abandon their obscurity and join civilization.


Summary: The Defenders face certain death inside an ancient shrine in Morocco, but Kshin uses a mysterious book of enigmas to save them.


When a two-hundred square mile area of Morocco mysteriously disappears, the Defenders investigate -- sans Kshin, who is instructed to choose any book from Mandrake's library for a book report. While Kshin flips through the blank pages of a book titled "Enigmas", Flash, Rick, L.J. and Jedda enter the unexplained area and discover a primitive wall with a door in it. Suddenly the wall image appears in Kshin's book, along with an inscription telling how to get inside. As our heroes are nearly crushed by falling rocks, Kshin relays the information and stops the avalanche. Kshin, once again reading from the book, instructs the Defenders, who are now inside the shrine, to push the gold keys on the control panel, revealing the lost city and removing the jamming field surrounding the area. Mean-while Mandrake and Lothar track down a notorious jewel thief and recover the Eye of the Dragon which is missing from the wall. Back inside the shrine our heroes awaken the Sleeping God before Kshin warns them that he is unstoppable, and it looks like certain death for the Defenders. As Flash, Rick, L.J. and Jedda are about to be boiled in oil, Kshin arrives on the scene and convinces the creature that they are here to help; while Mandrake produces the crystal which will allow the Sleeping God to return home, thereby saving our Champions.


Summary: The Defenders must prevent Ming from obtaining an obelisk which will give him the power to travel 4-times the speed of light!


While engaging Ming's roboships in battle over the North African Desert, Flash discovers the remains of an ancient pyramid, where he finds an obelisk that produces visions when touched. The other Defenders arrive on the scene and Mandrake informs Flash that the sacred obelisk was believed to foretell the future. Unbeknownst to our heroes, Ming is in the area -- in search of the very same obelisk, which he needs to tell the future so that he may propel his time drive device four-times the speed of light. When Rick and L.J. touch the obelisk they see themselves defeat Octon, giving them the confidence to set out for Ice Station Earth. They get as far as Ming's desert hideout, where they are taken prisoner. Mandrake informs our heroes that the obelisk cannot foretell the future, but rather what a person fears or desires for the future. Scavenger, the desert Arab whose home Ming commandeered as a base for his search, breaks free and sends for the Defenders, who raid Ming's headquarters. Mandrake destroys the evil emperor's time drive device, sending the obelisk beyond the reach of mortal men and Ming fleeing for the coolness of Ice Station Earth.


Summary: Kshin discovers a ghost ship and helps the long-dead pirates locate a compass they need to free themselves from centuries of aimless wandering!


While on vacation in Jamaica with the Defenders, Kshin sees a ghost ship; however, no one believes him. Determined to get proof of the ship's existence, Kshin rows a dinghy out into the bay one night, and he not only finds the ship, but is taken on board by its ghost pirates!! Meanwhile our heroes are busy trying to figure out why Ming's roboships are in the area. Unbeknownst to them, the warlord is searching for Morgan's Compass, which he will use to turn the ghost pirates into his unconquerable slaves. On board the ship, the pirate captain tells Kshin that they have been searching for years for Morgan's Compass -- the only object which can release them from their aimless wandering. Kshin offers help, and with the ghost first mate he goes ashore and returns with a sonic probe to locate the compass on the ocean floor. While Kshin is lowered into the water in a makeshift diving bell, Ming's roboships attempt to fire a freezebeam on the ship putting the ghosts in his power. However, the Defenders blow Ming's minions out of the sky! Kshin emerges with the compass, freeing the pirates and sending them on their way.


Summary: On a family outing to a traveling carnival, the older Defenders become part of the freak show when they shrink to three inches!


SYNOPSIS: Dr. Kalihari's carnival is in town and the Defenders are on hand to see the show. What they don't know is that Dr. Kalihari has taken over the carnival from its owners and populated it with collaborators in his get-rich-quick scheme. Kalihari is infuriated when the Defenders embarass his mediocre performers, so to get revenge he dupes Kshin into unleashing a magic shrinking potion on them! Steadily getting smaller --until they will eventually vanish -- our senior heroes battle Kalihari, his cohorts, dogs and common household items which pose significant obstacles to 3 inch people, before finally locating the magic antidote potion which restores them to their original size. Once again the "normal" Defenders of the Earth, they waste no time in disposing of Kalihari's gang and restoring the carnival to its rightful owners.


Summary: Once again guided by the book, Enigma, Kshin saves the Defenders from an evil monster who is out to conquer and destroy the Earth!


Dynak X picks up a bizarre energy transmission from Stonehenge prompting the elder Defenders to investigate. Kshin consults the book of enigma which shows him a blueprint of the ancient stone circle. In England, Flash, Lothar and the Phantom are lured inside Stonehenge by Kronos, a mysterious dark cloud, and turned into statues. Mandrake consults his old magic teacher, Theron, who informs him that Kronos is an evil monster who drove the great magician, Enigma, out of the Land of Magic, then destroyed the dimension. Kronos needs the book, which is actually the old master of magic in "book form", to materialize on Earth and destroy the planet. Our young heroes -- including Kshin and the book, Enigma, -- rush to the rescue; however, Rick, L.J. and jedda are also turned into statues by Kronos. Mandrake, with the help of Theron, fights off Kronos while Enigma guides Kshin into the Stonehenge circle, where he convinces Kronos to give him a blue crystal which allows Enigma to materialize and defeat the evil monster. The benevolent wizard then restores the Defenders to their natural state, before departing for the Land of Magic.


Summary: His Heinous Highness kidnaps Flash, clones him four times, and puts him under the Inquisitor to instill his super-hero flying prowess into the phony look-alikes.


Ming knows that Flash Gordon is the only man alive who could effectively fly his state-of-the-art warplane The Scorpion, so he lures our hero to Ice Station Earth, where he has created four Flash Gordon clones! The evil warlord places Flash under his vile inquisitor with Flash's clones at the receiving end of the contraption to gather his exceptional flying skills. However, Flash brilliantly manages to dismantle the control box to the machine, therefore only facets of his personality are transferred to the clones. While the Defenders beat a hasty trail to Ice Station Earth, Flash wakes up in Ming's dungeon. When he again meets his clones he finds four distinct personalities -- #1, an authoritarian; #2, a braggart fighter pilot; #3, an intellectual planner; and #4, a cool, Burt Reynolds type. Ming places clone #4, who has a bomb in his chest, in the dungeon so that the Defenders rescue him and bring him back to Monitor. Meanwhile he sends the other three against our heroes. Flash manages to escape from Ice Station Earth, destroys the three clones in a superb example of excellent dog-fighting, and confronts #4 in Monitor, disarming the bomb with seconds to spare.


Summary: L.J. learns to treat women as people, not objects, after Ming turns his girlfriend into a Frost Person who fights against the Defenders!


While walking home after an argument with her boyfriend, L.J., Kate is pulled into a van by two mysterious men - agents of Ming the Merciless. She returns to school the following day where L.J. attributes their reconciliation to his Romeo skills. They set a double date for that night with Rick and Jedda. On the date, Kate convinces the young Defenders to conduct a tour of the new Laser-equipped Defenders Space Station, even though it is against regulations to take unauthorized personnel into the structure. Once inside Kate reveals herself as a Frost Person when she attacks the young heroes and clears the way for Ming to take control of the Space Station -- and use the laser canon to control Earth! Back at Monitor Dynak X alerts the Defenders of strange activity at the Space Station, sending them rushing to the scene. Unaware that the kids are inside, the Defenders are attacked by Ming's roboships, and thinking they are doomed, hit a 30 minute Doomsday Self-Destruct button for the station. Due to Flash's fancy flying they live, and discover that they have less than half an hour to save their offspring. Back at the station the young Defenders escape from their cell and L.J.'s compassion for Kate overpowers Ming's mind control. Just as the Merciless One is about to kill the young couple, the elder Defenders burst onto the scene, rescue their kids and deactivate the Doomsday Device with one second to spare.


Summary: Rick Gordon and the Defenders must save a tropical island from revolut ionary forces who are in cahoots with Ming the Merciless!


Rick Gordon's new friend at Central City High ­ Carlotta Vallejo -- requires his help when Ming backs revolutionary forces to dethrone her father from the Presidency of the tropical island of Esmerelda. While Ming gathers all the blue orchid flowers on the island for use turning the world's population into Frost People, Rick and Carlotta fly to Esmerelda and search for her father, but are captured by El Jefe, the mercenary leader of the upsurge. Back at Monitor Dynak X informs the Defenders that the temperature of the island is being unnaturally lowered, posing potential weather problems and prompting the heroes -- sans Mandrake and Lothar -- to board the Terry and set out to investigate. Rick and Carlotta escape from El Jefe, discover that Ming has diverted irrigation waters to build a huge glacier, and locate the President. To their horror, they find he has been turned into a Man of Frost before they are once again captured. The Defenders arrive and walk right into a trap, however Mandrake and Lothar, who arrived later disguised as a Man of Frost and an Ice Robot, spring them from Ming's dungeon. They invade El Jefe's jungle mercenary camp and rescue Rick, Carlotta and her father -- who by now is returning to normal because the Frost Serum only works for two days. Furious, Ming blows up his glacier, causing a raging avalanche, which Rick subsides by employing a solar mirror to direct the sun's rays to melt the ice and divert it underground destroying the Ice Caves and all of Ming's blue orchid Frost Serum!


Summary: Rick, L.J. and Jedda learn the meaning of cooperation when they must work together to save the elder Defenders from destruction!


While trying to prove their individual prowess during an obstacle course competition, Rick, Jedda and L.J. get a bit too serious, endangering themselves individually and as a flying unit. When the youngsters again risk their safety during a dogfight with Ming's roboships, their parents take them to the Amazon to compete in the Rites of Zesnan, a tribal warrior contest to develop good warriors. Ming intercepts a Dynak X transmission and arrives in South America before our heroes. Posing as a god he preconditions the natives against the Defenders. While Rick, Jedda and L.J. are on their respective paths of the warrior course, the Merciless One traps the elder heroes in a grid pattern with deadly sensor beam canons. Meanwhile our young Defenders, after fighting off an attack from the local tribesmen, band together. Discovering from one native the presence of Ming, they rush back to the Terry and working again as a well-oiled unit, turn all four laser canons against one another, blowing them to pieces and sending Ming fleeing for his cowardly safety.


Summary: Octon designs a flawless super-computer which Ming uses to demobilize all the world's computer systems in a plot to control earth.


Ming's computer, Octon, has created the ultimate trap -- Tycos, a machine designed by a machine, completely devoid of human flaws -- which the evil leader will use to destroy the Defenders. Meanwhile Kshin tries to make friends with Audie, a boy genius whose only companion is his personally constructed robot, Tweak, made with living matter rather than silicon microchips. The elder Defenders are lured to a mountain bunker in Colorado by Tycos and the Phantom is captured. Tycos then shuts down all computer circuitry in the Western Hemisphere, except for Tweak, who is impervious to Tycos' efforts because of his non-silicon makeup. The young Defenders' plea for Audie's assistance falls on deaf ears; however, the fact that they come to his rescue when he is captured by Ming persuades him to help our heroes. Arriving at the mountain bunker, the youngsters discover that Mandrake and Flash are also Tycos' captives. Tweak enters first, sacrificing himself to dismantle the nerve gas which frees the three heroes and clears the way for the others to join in the effort. Audie creates a makeshift lighter to ignite Tycos' power supply and deactivate the evil computer, while the rest of the Defenders escape and prepare to blow the bunker to smithereens. Back at Monitor Audie is made an honorary Defender.


Summary: An evilband of women --- pirates, with a vendetta against the Phantom, terrorize the universe and nearly kill the masked superhero!


When an ore transport ship in deep space is looted and notes are found announcing the RETURN OF THE SKY BAND, the Phantom is apprehensive. He recounts the story of his grandfather, who defeated an all-women pirate group in the 1930's whose "Sky Band Leader" was accidently killed. The Defenders fly out to rescue a mining ship in an asteroid belt, and the Phantom comes face to face with Kristina, the new leader of the Sky Band and the grandaughter of the woman killed in the 1930's. While the other Defenders engage the band members in combat, the Phantom chases Kristina through the asteroid-ship which is headquarters for the pirates. Unable to defeat the Phantom, Kristina plans to blow up the entire asteroid and to kill both the superhero and herself. The Phantom delays the destruction and rescues her -- thereby vindicating his grandfather -- before turning Kristina over to the authorities.


Summary: While investigating a disappearance in Transylvania, the Defenders are put under a vampire's spell and turned into animals for the monster's exotic collection!


The Defenders set out for Transylvania to investigate the disappearance of John Harker, a young archeologist doing re-search in the area. Upon arrival, they are invited to the castle of Vlad, a mysterious local who serves them dinner at midnight. When Vlad proposes a toast, everyone joins in, except the Phantom, who doesn't trust the shifty host. The next day all the Defenders, with the exception of the Phantom, turn into animals reflecting their personality characteristics -- Vlad had spiked their dinner beverages with a magic potion. Dynak X launches an antidote to our heroes via a guided rocket. Kshin, now enjoying himself as a spider monkey, retrieves the antidote from the garden and, with the Phantom, frees the Defenders/animals from their cages and administers the antidote. Restored, the Defenders turn bright lights on Vlad, trans-forming him into John Harker! The young man had been possessed by the older vampire, Vlad.


Summary: Kshin learns that handicaps need not leave one totally helpless when he is temporarily paralyzed and joins forces with a wheelchair-bound boy to defeat Ming the Merciless!


Rick and L.J. accompany Kshin's class, which includes Marty, a wheelchair-bound boy, on a field trip to the Amazon where they encounter hostile natives. When Kshin and Marty are separated from the group, L.J. and Rick search for them, prompting the teacher to call in the Defenders. Stumbling upon a field of strange flowers cultivated by Ming's minions, Kshin is sprayed by a plant and rendered paralyzed from the waist down. At first he believes the situation hopeless, but Marty points out that they still have their brains. Captured by Ming, Marty uses his remote control device to summon his air-wheelchair and attempts a getaway from Ming. Meanwhile, the Phantom locates Rick and L.J. in the jungle. Ming, furious at being outwitted by two "helpless" boys, stalks Marty and Kshin. Just before he corners them, the Defenders arrive in Terry and foil the Merciless Ming's scheme to take over the world. Kshin's paralysis wears off and Marty is made an honorary Defender.


Summary: Jedda falls for an alcoholic schoolmate and is nearly killed by his dangerous behavior!


At school, Jedda is invited to a party by Eric, who freely admits that, "Everything looks better with a little vodka". At first a bit hesitant, Jedda eventually agrees -- she thinks Eric is cute and exciting. Rick and L.J. warn Jedda to steer clear of the trouble-maker, but she reminds them that they are neither her brothers nor her father. At the party that night, Erick is dead drunk, and his best friend Sam spikes Jedda's punch to "loosen her up". Confused and dizzy, Jedda asks Eric for a ride home. On the way he passes out at the wheel, with Jedda barely gaining control in time to avert disaster. Jedda gives a repentant Eric a second chance and attends a drag race with him. Disturbed by the drinking and dangerous driving, she once again demands that Eric, secretly drunk, take her home. This time they crash into a lake where Rick and L.J. must dive in for a risky rescue. The incident finally opens Eric's eyes to his alcoholism and he begins daily counseling, confident that although sobriety is a tough road, it's worth it!


Summary: A space alien uses a Time Freezer to steal millions of dollars worth of jewels and gold.


The Defenders attend an inter-galactic science convention in Monaco which coincides with a junior magician's competition that Kshin enters. Mandrake tells the boy the secret to opening locks through telekenetic activity, a trick which he uses to win the competition. When a big, roughhousing alien named Brutan steals a Time Freezer device from Yonda, a soft-spoken scientist at the fair, and uses it to rob the casino and local jewelry stores, Kshin is a suspect in the robberies. Kshin, with Zuffy, set out to clear his name, discovering from Yonda that Brutan plans to rob Fort Knox! They inform the Defenders and our heroes arrive on the scene to discover Brutan in the act. Using another version of his Time Freezer, Yonda captures the thief.


Summary: The Defenders have a new adversary as Ming's son, Prince Kro-Tan, moleculizes Ming and plots to take over the Earth himself!


Ming summons his son Kro-Tan to Earth, but instead the youngster goes behind his father's back and plots to use the Defenders to destroy Ming. Disguised as a handsome earthling, Kro-Tan befriends Jedda, who shows him around Monitor. Unbeknownst to the young Defenders the senior heroes fly to the defense tower to repair the highly unstable moleculizer. Rick admonishes Jedda for bringing a stranger into Monitor. When Jedda returns, Kro-Tan tells her that he is an inhabitant of Mongo and that his destiny is to destroy Ming. Informing her that Ming is in the defense tower he convinces Jedda to activate the moleculizer. Kro-Tan then vanishes and materializes in the tower just in time to see Ming moleculized. The older Defenders barely escape before the tower is destroyed. The exultant Kro-Tan gathers his father's molecules into a small vial -- and our heroes now have a new adversary to fight.


Summary: Prince Kro-Tan plans to harness energy from the Earth's core to transport the planet to Mongo!!!


With Ming moleculized, the Defenders take a break. Mandrake, Kshin, Lothar and L.J. take a world cruise, the Phantom and Jedda wing to Africa to help a friend, Rick concentrates on school and Flash roams the galaxy. The quiet is deceptive, however, as Prince Kro-Tan implements a plan to dupe a young scientist working in Africa, Tad Walton, into aiding him to transport the Earth to Mongo! Jedda and the Phantom learn of the scheme and call their fellow heroes to the scene. Jedda manages to locate a bomb Kro-Tan hid on Tad and attach it to a power booster. When she provokes Kro-Tan he detonates the bomb, exploding the boosters necessary to his nefarious plan. Undaunted, Kro-Tan affixes tiny mind-controlled bombs to the other six heroes (sans Flash), thus blackmailing Jedda into returning to Mongo, where he reveals plans to make her his bride!!!


Summary: The Defenders, unknowingly carrying Kro-Tan's mind bombs, must rescue Jedda from Mongo before the slimy Prince makes her is bride.


On Mongo, Prince Kro-Tan orders Jedda to marry him, or watch the mind bombs planted on her fellow heroes explode at his very thought! The Defenders search for her at Ice Station Earth, where they discover, via an uneasy pact with Octon, Kro-Tan's plans of marriage and the fact that an ancient pact dictates the evil Prince will receive a weapon of ultimate power from the Weapon Masters of Beta Two as his wedding gift. Jedda manages to warn the Defenders of the mind bombs, while they discover that Kro-Tan's present will be a large, indomitable robot. Flash, Mandrake and Lothar hide inside the gift, descend upon the Prince of Mongo and rescue Jedda, while Rick and L.J. fly in with Terry and disable the robot. While making their escape, Terry is shot out of the sky and Kro-Tan teleports each of the Defenders to different points on Mongo, pledging to track them down individually and make them pay for their actions!


Summary: Teleported to different areas of Mongo, the Defenders re-unite and defeat Kro-Tan!


Lothar and L.J., amidst the snowy wastes of Mongo, learn from Zorelda, Kro-Tan's sorceress, of the Prince's plan to launch a missle towards Earth so that the Defenders will surrender. While Mandrake, the Phantom and Jedda are attacked by snowbeasts in the Arctic region, Kshin and Zyffy are hunted by Zuffoid-killing robots and Flash and Rick are chased through the streets by Frost People. Flash and Rick hide inside the Beta Two ship, which carries the missil, as Lothar and L.J. return at the same time as Mandrake, Jedda and the Phantom. They discover they are too late to stop the launching of the ship. Kro-Tan sends them into a deadly maze, then watches in horror as Flash takes control of the ship and sends it and the bomb straight towards Kro-Tan's throne room! He and Rick bail out in time to meet the other Defenders -- sans Kshin and Zuffy -- and make a getaway. The bomb blows Kro-Tan's palace (minus Kro-Tan) to smithereens, but before they can celebrate they must locate the two youngest Defenders -- before Kro-Tan does!!!


Summary: Kro-Tan unintentionally unleashes an evil, immortal overlord of unlimited power!!


In his frenzy to gain revenge against the Defenders, Kro-Tan gives the molecules of his father to Zorelda, who uses them to unleash Suramong, an evil ex-overlord of Mongo. Meanwhile our heroes locate Kshin and Zuffy amongst a battalion of friendly zuffoids. Flash, Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom are transported to the palace dungeons via Zorelda's magic powers, and there they find Kro-Tan, also locked up by the evil Suramong. Flash and Lothar break out and steal a ship to fly into space and locate the moleculizer they need to defeat Suramong, while Rick, L.J. and Jedda wait outside the city with Kshin and the zuffoids. When Flash and Lothar return, the powerful Suramong snatches the moleculizer away from them and they appear doomed. However, the young Defenders arrive with the one tool which can defeat the evil beast -- zuffoids! Suramong is reduced to nothing, reconstituting Ming, who promises to control his son.


Summary: While in Jamaica to attend a ceremony in Lothar 's honor, the Defenders discover a cultist plot to control the townšs children and seize power.


The Defenders accompany Lothar to his hometown in Jamaica, where the new childrenšs wing of a hospital will be dedicated in his honor. While there, Dr. Barbeau informs then that a new wonder drug is doing fantastic things for the children, but is difficult to obtain because a mythical sea serpent has been stealing it. A cult, led by Papa Duke, worships the serpent, and L.J.šs new friend, Felice, tells him that her brother has joined. While spying on a ceremony L.J. is captured and Felice escapes, but not before learning that Papa Duke plans to lead the youth of the town on a campaign to seize power from their elders. L.J. is forced to drink the breath of the serpent, which gives him super-human strength and hypnotizes him into following Papa Duke. L.J. kidnaps Kshin for a sacrifice while Rick and Jedds search the water submarine for the monster. The Defenders invade the cult and rally the town citizens to control the kids. L.J. becomes his old self when the drug wears off, Kshin is rescued and Papa Duke turns out to actually be Dr. Barbeau! Barbeau has been operating a mechanical sea serpent and stealing the drug.


Summary: Ming kidnaps Rick and blackmails L.J. to sabotage Defender activities, paving the way for the Evil One to conquer earth!


While Rick and L.J. test out Rick's new invention -- a wave interference device that scrambles any signal transmitted through the air -- Rick is kidnapped by Ming, who then places an implant on L.J.'s head which will monitor his thought patterns. In exchange for Rick's safety, Ming orders L.J. to sabotage Flash's spaceship the night before our heroes plan to battle Ming's minions. During the fight our heroes are forced to retreat to Monitor. Ming then forces L.J. to divert the Defenders to South America while Ming invades New York City. L.J. recovers Rick's wave-interference device and rescues him. By the time the other heroes discover that L.J. is the saboteur, L.J. is able to explain himself and inform the Defenders of Ming's actual target. They arrive just in time to defeat the Merciless One.


Summary: The Beacon of the Eternals declares war on the Defenders of the Earth, sending three mammoth, ominous robots to destroy our heroes!


Ming sends a look-alike Defender ship to provoke the Beacon of the Eternals -- a computer operated ship searching for a long lost benevolent society -- which thereby releases its three Guardian Robots to retaliate against our heroes. The Guardian Robots are the most powerful form of robot in the known universe. When Flash destroys one of them, its strength transfers to the other two, increasing the danger to both the Defenders and the Earth. With one of the two remaining robots hot on their tail, L.J., Kshin and Zuffy fly to New York to retrieve Mandrake and Lothar, while Flash, Rick and Jedda lock the third robot in a force (stasis) field surrounding Monitor. In New York Mandrake defeats the second robot through a brilliant illusion. However, this was Ming's plan. The final Guardian doubles in size, draining Monitor of its power source and transforming itself into an unbeatable machine. Rick conceives a plan which the Defenders put into action -- a homing torpedo is outfitted with a mock signal from the Eternals and launched into a black hole, thereby tricking the Beacon into sending the final robot to investigate the signal. The final robot is destroyed and our heroes and the Earth are safe from Ming's grasp -- temporarily.


Summary: Dr. Dark returns to collect the three shards of the Orb of Konos and gain control of the universe!


Ming sets out to rule the entire universe by stealing the first of the three shards of the Orb of Konos from the Yucatan rain forest. At Monitor, Mandrake picks up telepathic signals from Mara, prompting Rick's journey to the Well of Essence, where he finds her in a cocoon. Dr. Dark locates the second shard with Ming, but in a confrontation between the two the evil ex-shadow lord drains the crystal's power, capturing it in his own body. Flash and Mandrake travel to a frozen planet to recover the third shard, only to discover that Ming has beat them to it. Back at Monitor Mara emerges from her cocoon, now a shadow lord. The Defenders rush to the Amber Keep on Rylos --the only place where the Orb of Konos can be reassembled -- to discover that Dr. Dark has double crossed Ming and entered the Shadow Void to become the supreme ruler of the universe. Mara enters Dr. Dark's mind and prevents him from regaining control, thereby allowing the Orb to take back the power he stole from it, and destroying the evil warlock in the process. The Defenders escape the planet and Mara stays to become the new shadow master, ensuring that no one ever again splits the Orb of Konos.


Summary: Rick Gordon fights his most difficult battle yet -- against drugs.


Rick feels the pressure that results from his efforts to live up to Flash's reputation, and all aspects of Rick's life are suffering -- school, personal and Defender work. A "friend" gives him a vial of drugs which Kshin sees Rick take in an effort to better perform when Ming, supercharged by an electrode machine, invades Monitor. Because Rick forgot to activate the defense system, Flash must lead Ming away from Monitor. Flash, along with the other senior Defenders, is trapped under a subway tunnel which Ming collapses on top of them. Back at Monitor Rick, under the influence of drugs and frustrated at his inability to perform, throws a temper tantrum. Ming again attacks Monitor and injures Kshin, forcing Rick to see the consequences of the drugs he has taken. To vindicate himself, Rick leads Ming through a Defender battle training exercise, driving the evil emperor mad with simulated attacks. As his "supercharging" wears off, Ming hallucinates as Rick, Jedda and L.J. drive him away from Monitor, sending him fleeing back to Ice Station Earth. Kshin calls Rick a hero, but Rick disagrees. Kshin is the hero for saying "NO" to drugs.


Summary: Ming plans to deliver Jedda Walker and her powerful Necklace of Oros to an evil alien creature in return for the secret of gravity.


For her birthday Jedda enters the family treasure room of the Skull Cave to choose her present. Influenced by the telekenetic powers of Graviton, an evil alien of reptilian/humanoid form, she picks the Necklace of Oros. Graviton then makes a deal with the evil emperor from Ice Station Earth -- he'll turn over the secret of his anti-gravity device when Ming delivers Jedda and the Necklace of Oros to him which Graviton will use to rule his dimension. Ming creates an eleborate amusement park to lure the young Defenders into his grasp, however our teenage heroes are more powerful than Ming and Graviton estimate. Back at Monitor Mandrake hypnotizes Jedda and she learns of the history of Graviton -- he is an evil ruler from a cruel dimension who needs the necklace to harness his vile power. Graviton then invades Monitor himself, and subdues Flash and Mandrake before Jedda inadvertently uses the necklace to compress time, sending Graviton back to his strong-hold.


Summary: Graviton returns to acquire the Necklace of Oros, nearly causing the destruction of Earth!


The fabric of the universe is weak and stretching under the stress of Graviton's bridge, and the evil alien must have the Necklace of Oros if he is to survive. When the reptile/humanoid corners Jedda in Monitor, demanding the powerful necklace, Ming uses the opportunity to invade the Defenders' headquarters. An inter-dimensional rift materializes above Monitor, threatening to destroy the world. Ming stops his attack and makes a temporary peace agreement with the Defenders, so they may join together and defeat Graviton. With Dynak X hooked up to Octon, Rick reverses the polarity of Monitor's energy generator, creating an energy flow which sends Graviton back to his dimension, however he takes Jedda with him!!! Monitor's generator is depleted of its power, leaving our heroes defenseless against Ming --his plan all along! As Flash fights the invading robo-ships in the sky, Rick finally repairs the generator, which powers the defense lasers and defeats the attackers. Jedda is caught between two dimensions and Rick and L.J. work together to reach into the rift and pull her to safety.


Summary: Ming's evil son, Kro-Tan, constructs a wall around Earth, blocking out all sunlight and plunging Earth into perpetual darkness and endless winter.


Flash receives a distress call from Prince Barin, summoning him to Mongo to save the planet from Ming's evil son Kro-Tan. Back at Monitor our heroes uncover Ming's plan -- Kro-Tan has turned the population of Mongo into slaves who mine the planet of Oceanite, which is turned into slabs and used by Ming to encircle the Earth, thereby blocking out all sunlight and plunging the planet into endless winter. When L.J.'s foolish heroics against attacking robo-ships backfire, the Defenders (sans Flash) counter-attack Ice Station Earth. As Flash and Barin start a slave uprising on Mongo, L.J. is seriously injured at Ming's headquarters, forcing our heroes to surrender. On Mongo Flash and Barin destroy the transporter-computer, breaking apart the oceanite wall and sending it crashing towards Kro-Tan's home planet, while the other Defenders escape from Ming's dungeon and rush back to Monitor to obtain much-needed medical help for L.J.


Summary: The powerful Necklace of Oros is once again the object of desire for evil creatures of various dimensions, and Jedda's life hangs in the balance.


Graviton returns to his cave on Easter Island to discover it ransacked by Ming's minions. As Rick and the Phantom assist Jedda in testing the Neckalce of Oros' power, they're horrified when she collapses from the strain. Ming makes a pact with Hadea, goddess of the Underworld, to maintain his anti-gravity device in the heart of Earth while he seeks out Jedda's prized necklace. The Phantom, Rick and L.J. take Jedda, who's in a coma, to Africa for medical assistance from the Bandar tribe. While there, Hadea captures them and transports them to her underground castle, where she takes the Necklace of Oros from Jedda and replaces it with a counterfeit. Hadea and the Phantom strike a deal -- Jedda's life for his hand in marriage. Ming invades, snatching the young Defenders out of Hadea's hands, however she throws a force field around her and her new king. Back at Ice Station Earth, Graviton appears for the Necklace of Oros, and Mandrake, Lothar and Flash for the young heroes...


Summary: Ming, Graviton, and Hadea join together to fight the Defenders -- each for their own evil purposes.


At Ice Station Earth Ming imprisons Flash, Mandrake, Lothar, Rick and L.J. in his ice dungeon and turns Jedda into a Frost Person. Graviton arrives and is furious that Ming doesn't have the Neckalce of Oros, like he promised. The Phantom breaks free from Hadea's nether world, steals the necklace and invades Ming's headquarters, but is quickly captured and the powerful piece of jewelry falls into the evil emperor's hands. The Defenders escape and Hadea invades Ice Station Earth prompting Ming to make a deal with Graviton and Hadea -- the reptilian Graviton will get the Necklace of Oros and the Golden Queen the Phantom, in exchange for help locating and destroying the other Defenders. Rick and L.J. rescue Jedda and the necklace and escape from Ice Station Earth on foot pursued by Garax. Meanwhile, Flash evades his captors and steals a roboship. Graviton and Hadea, because of Graviton's misuse of his power, are banished to Graviton's desolate world. Ming begins to unleash his anti-gravity device onto an unsuspecting Earth, however Jedda masters the power of the Necklace of Oros and blows up the Mongoian emperor's control room. Flash attacks Garax, saving the young heroes As Ice Station Earth explodes from power overload, Flash, Rick, L.J. and Jedda pick up Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom. Jedda, believing the power of the Necklace of Oros too great for mortals, destroys it. STORY


Summary: Three super-robots, disguised as humans, set out to rid the universe of all robots!


Dask, Teek and Kala, the last of whom is a beautiful "woman", make up the League of Flesh and Blood, an organization dedicated to ridding the universe of all robots. They have infiltrated the work force of a power plant run by robots. When the Defenders save the plant from a Ming attack, Flash meets Kala and is instantly attracted to her. When a chemical manufacturing plant falls under attack, the Defenders rush to the scene where Flash publicly discovers that Dask, Teek and Kala are actually robots! While the senior heroes are defending the plant, Ming kidnaps Rick, L.J. and Jedda and takes them to robot-operated but human controlled Moonbase Delta, where he will distill their living elements and instill them into Dask, Teek and Kala so they can operate the base and take over the Earth. When the Defenders invade just prior to the operation, Ming flees and the super-robots fight the super-heroes. As the main generator overheats, Flash tells Kala that a heart is what makes someone human and she responds by giving the Defenders time to escape before the base explodes, destroying her and her evil robot companions. Flash's sorrow is tempered by the knowledge that in the end Kala really did become human.


Summary: Ming schemes to melt the Polar Ice Cap and drown the entire world!


Ming builds an underwater dam on the ocean floor, diverting the warm water of the Japanese current to the Bering Sea and melting the Polar Ice Cap. Investigating in the Arctic, Flash, Mandrake and Lothar are shot out of the sky by Ming's roboships, and their transmission is jammed by Ice Station Earth, preventing them from calling for a rescue. While the young Defenders attempt to dam up the rising Central City River, the Phantom flys out to locate the stranded group in the Arctic. He arrives just in time to drive off Ming's minions and save the trio. Meanwhile, Ming sets the second phase of his plan into action, sending icebergs to all the major cities of the world, causing major flooding. As the older Defenders save San Francisco Bay from "attacking" icebergs, the young heroes blow the underwater dam in the Japanese current. The temperature returns to normal and the world is saved.


Summary: Kshin's long lost grandfather resurfaces, leading the Defenders on a search for the Lost City of Dreams!


During the court proceedings of Mandrake's adoption of Kshin, Hai, an old Asian man, enters with proof that he Is the boy's grandfather. Hai's return sparks Kshin's memory -- he was three years old and with his parents on the search for the Lost City of Dreams when the Dragon Queen attacked and his parents were killed. Mandrake re-counts his introduction to Kshin in the streets of Singapore, and the discovery of one half of a mysterious map on the boy. Hai pulls out the other half, displaying the full directions to the Lost City of Dreams. Kshin, Hai, Mandrake and Lothar decide to set out on an expedition to locate the city. In Shanghai, the Dragon Queen gets wind of the expedition and follows our group on its quest -- through jungles, dangers and traps -- into the Lost City. Once inside, the evil Queen captures our group and throws them into a well. They escape and are aided by the rest of the Defenders in defeating the Dragon Queen. However, in the process old Hai is killed. His dying wish is fulfilled when Mandrake completes his adoption of Kshin.


Summary: When Ming takes advantage of L.J.'s immaturity, the young Defender learns that if he wants to be treated like an adult, then he's got to act like one.


In battle simulation with Jedda, L.J. refuses to take part -- he thinks it is only "kid stuff". Flash transports Morlag, a lizard-like leader of the rebellion on Mongo to Monitor, where Rick and the Phantom will deliver from Peru the Sun Medallions necessary for his people's fight to continue. Ming attacks the medallion base in Peru, destroying all the precious Firestones which focus their energy, then uses Octon to plant a virus program inside Dynak X so he can invade Monitor and capture Morlag. Meanwhile Flash and Kshin fly to an underwater volcano off the coast of Peru -- the only other place to mine Firestones. When Ming attacks Monitor, L.J. thinks it is only another battle simulation, so he doesn't help when Jedda and Morlag are captured and taken away by Ming's forces. When he discovers the truth, L.J. feels horrible -- prompting him to invade Ice Station Earth and conduct his own rescue. Flash and Kshin return with the Firestones, and L.J. learns a valuable lesson about adulthood.


Summary: Ming unfreezes ancient dinosaurs in the Alaskan tundra and unleashes them on the world!


The Defenders fly to Alaska to inspect a dinosaur alert. While following dinosaur tracks, Rick and L.J. discover that a long-dormant volcano, with an artificial dome placed over it, is mysteriously heating up. The senior Defenders and Jedda spot Ming and Garax, while the Defenders are attacked by two Allosauruses! After a narrow escape in a mountain cave, the group discovers Ming's evil scheme -- he's used an earth drill to thaw out tens of thousands of beasts buried in the frozen tundra, and is sending them out to destroy the cities of the Earth! The young Defenders figure out how to work Ming's drill, and use it to blow up the drilling station. The volcano explodes, ripping off the dome, and the arctic climate returns --obliterating the Valley of the Dinosaurs.