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New York City Top

Cooking with B.B. King
B. catches up with B.B. King in her NYC restaurant. While they chat, B.B. helps B. with her recipe for Pan Fried Cat Fish with Kale Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Okra, and a Roasted Red Pepper and Black Eyed Pea Gravy.

Cooking with Paul Sorvino
Accomplished actor and fabulous cook Paul Sorvino, best known for his role in Goodfellas, stops by B.’s NYC restaurant to create one of his favorite family recipes - Paste E Piselli. B. chats with him about his career, his cooking, his opera singing, and his current role as the voice of one of the characters in the Nickelodeon movie Hey Arnold, based on the hit TV series.

Southern Cookin’ with Darrius Rucker
As lead singer of “Hootie And The Blowfish,” Darrius Rucker has
conquered the world of pop music, selling over 20 million CDs and
packing countless arenas across the country. His latest project is a dynamic solo album entitled “Back to Then.” Darrius stops by B.'s kitchen for some good ol' Southern cooking.

Cooking with Leslie Uggams
Leslie Uggams takes some time away from the stage of her Off-Broadway play “Thunder Knocking on the Door” to visit B. at her restaurant in New York City. B. shows Leslie how to make her Collard Green Frittata with Sautéed Green Peppers and Tomatoes.

Grilling with Hal Linden
B. shares some of her healthful BBQ recipes with actor Hal Linden. On the menu: curried turkey burgers, grill fries and seasonal vegetables. As they cook, B. catches up on Hal's latest ventures and gives him some tips on successful grilling.

Yoga with NY Giant Tiki Barber
Yoga is sweeping the nation and promotes healthy mind, body and spirit for people of all ages, including all-star athletes, such as NY Giants running back Tiki Barber. B. and Tiki receive a lesson from NYC's Yoga Zone instructor Douglas Stewart.

Cooking with Sheryl Lee Ralph
Starring in the 2002 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” actress, singer Sheryl Lee Ralph stops by B.’s kitchen to cook and chat about her career and current charity work.

Cooking With Judge Hatchett
Stopping by B.’s kitchen for some good ol’ fashioned home-style cooking is Judge Glenda Hatchett, the driving force behind the nationally syndicated series “Judge Hatchett” which begins its second season in September 2001.

Cooking With Lil’ Kim
Rap sensation, sex symbol and native New Yorker Lil’ Kim joins B. in the kitchen for some cooking and diva-esque dishing about her new album soon to be released on Kim's own “Queen Bee” label.

Cooking and Crossing Over With John Edward
In return for a psychic reading, B. shares one of her secret recipes withJohn Edward, renowned psychic medium and host of the nationally syndicated TV series “Crossing Over With John Edward,” in her New York City restaurant. John and B. chat about his new book Crossing Over: the Stories Behind the Stories.

Cooking With Wesley Snipes
Bronx native and award-winning actor Wesley Snipes catches up with B. in her New York City restaurant. As B. shares a few new recipes with Wesley, they talk about his film Undisputed and several other upcoming projects.

Brooklyn Top

CCH Pounder
Actress CCH Pounder from “The Shield” joins B. on a trip to fashion designer “Courtney Washington's” Fulton Street shop in Brooklyn. B. and CCH catch up on what she's been up to and try on some of Washington’s designs. We learn from Courtney where he gets his inspiration from for his loose, comfortable yet stylish, one-size-fits-all blouses and drawstring pants. CCH is a designer of jewelry herself; she shares some of her pieces with B.

Middle Eastern Section - North African Food with Jessica Harris
B. visits the Middle Eastern section of Brooklyn with food historian and cookbook author Jessica Harris. They tour the famous “Sahadi’s,” a gourmet mecca on Atlantic Avenue to learn about North African flavors and spices and specialty foods. They discuss the large variety of olives, almonds and dried fruits.

Junior's Cheesecake
Founded by Harry Rosen in 1950, Junior's Restaurant has become an institution in Brooklyn selling their famous cheesecakes to locals and celebrities. The street on which their 24-hour enormous restaurant is located was renamed by former Mayor Rudy Guiliani to “Cheesecake Corner.” B. visits third generation, grandson Alan Rosen to learn how their famous cheesecake is made, and to taste some of their fabulous food!

Italian Section with Arthur Schwartz
B. visits the famous Pastosa Ravioli in the Italian Section of Brooklyn with food maven and radio host of “Food Talk,”
Arthur Schwartz. Anthony Ajello, son of one of the owners of “Pastosa Ravioli,” and Arthur show B. how fresh ravioli is made from start to finish, including how it's boxed.

Atlantic Avenue - Antiques
Feel a little overwhelmed in an antique store? B. visits “Circa Antiques, Ltd.” on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Owner and guest Rachel Leibowicz gives B. tips on what to look for when buying antiques. They cover the essentials of buying antique tables, chairs, lighting, vases, and dishes. The focus is to make the antique shopping experience a lot less intimidating.

Charleston Top

Gullah Tour
“Gullah” is the language spoken by the Low Country’s first black inhabitants. The language and culture still thrive today in and around the Charleston, SC region. Alphonso Brown a native tour guide and fluent in Gullah, takes B. on a tour of some of his favorite stops. They finish up at the home of Rhetta Mendelson for some refreshments on her piazza.

Coleman Fine Art Gallery with Dianne Reeves
Dianne Reeves is an accomplished jazz singer and
musician with a Grammy under her belt. In the music biz all her life, she stops through Charleston for the Spoleto Festival, and spends a few moments in the garden of the “Coleman Fine Art Gallery” updating B. on her life. B. and Dianne take a stroll through the gallery and view the South Carolina Low Country art currently displayed by artist Mary Whyte.

Mary Jackson Sweetgrass Basket Maker
Mary Jackson has devoted her life to keeping her family history alive by bringing the Low Country tradition of sweetgrass basket making to a high art form. Mary’s baskets are sought after by collectors, art museums and even American embassies in foreign countries. B. visits with Mary Jackson in her studio, where she gives B. a step-by-step demonstration on how she creates her beautiful baskets.

Charleston Grill with Actor John Hurt
Accomplished actor John Hurt is also in Charleston for the Spoleto Festival. B. interviews him in the courtyard of the “Charleston Grill.” After chatting about John’s career, B. and John head into the kitchen with chef Bob Waggoner. The three prepare Grilled Low Country Grouper with Charleston Grill Potato Skins and Hot Slaw in a Roasted Shallot Cabernet Butter.

Orlando Top

South African Wines at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s “Jiko “
B. learns what it takes to be a wine expert with Keith Landry, sommelier and manager of “Jiko - The Cooking Place” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Jiko is renowned for having the largest collection of South African wines in North America. Keith and B. taste and discuss various South African wines.

African Cooking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s “Boma”
Chef Tjetjep (TJ) Sudiswa shows B. how to make a very traditional South African dish - Coconut Curried Chicken in a Pap Bowl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge’s restaurant “Boma–Flavors of Africa.” B. and TJ discuss authentic African cuisines, spices and flavors.

Chicago Top

Kraft – Decorating Cookies
B. learns different ways to decorate cookies for the holidays – or anytime, at the Kraft Test Kitchens in Chicago. Andrea MacAlpine shows B. how to make “Oreo ladybugs, butterflies and flowers; Fig Newton pops; graham greeting cards and Nutter Butter ghosts. These ideas are fun, simple and easy enough that anyone can make them.

Kraft – Pourables
B. visits the Kraft Test Kitchens in Chicago to make a variety of delicious and healthful salads using different dressings appropriate for each salad. Joanne Hoff and B. make a grilled vegetable kebob salad, cool fruited shrimp salad, Greek salad and tabbouleh – all complimented by flavorful Kraft dressings.

Jelly Belly™ Candy Company
B. accompanies third generation “beaner” and owner Bill Kelley through the colorful Jelly Belly Candy Company to see how the gourmet Jelly Belly™bean is made. B. gets to see first hand how each Jelly Belly™ bean is created as it goes through various steps from “the base” of water, cornstarch, sugar and corn syrup to the final packaging. B. gets the inside scoop on how the 50 original flavors are created and even gets to taste a few!

Chicago – Architectural Tour
B. takes an architectural tour of Chicago on the renowned and historic “El Presidente” yacht with docent Joan Lindsay. B. learns about the different architectural styles that make Chicago so unique and gets a river view of some of the landmarks that the city is most noted for such as the Wrigley Building and Outer Drive River Bridge.

Napa Valley Top

Auberge Du Soleil Spa with Donzaleigh Abernathy
B. and actress Donzaleigh Abernathy, known for her role as Sara in Lifetime’s #1 drama series, “Any Day Now,” get the royal treatment at the “Auberge Du Soleil Spa,” which prides itself on creating a balance between the bounty of Napa Valley with the latest skin care research and philosophy. The Spa themes are: The Valley (mud and minerals), the Grove (olive oil), the Garden (herbs and flowers), and the Vineyard (grapes).

Norfolk Top

Cooking with Chef Bobby Huber
B. enters the world of “Bobbywood” for the ultimate Southern Restaurant experience. It’s an upscale food establishment in an unpretentious and fun atmosphere, and at the helm is Chef Bobby Huber. The two chat while they whip up some delicious Mahi Mahi, Braised Greens and Cornmeal Fried Oysters.

d’Art Center Tour
B. takes a local look at Norfolk by visiting the unique “d’Art Center,” a cultural visual arts center, home to 36 professional artists. B. is treated to a personal tour with Susan Bernard of the gallery, and visits with three artists: a potter, a painter and a jewelry maker. She gets her hands dirty by trying some pottery and painting herself!

Battleship Wisconsin with “Survivor” Rudy Boesch
B. and Rudy Boesch from “Survivor I” take a tour aboard the Battleship Wisconsin, one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy. This majestic ship earned five battle stars during World War II and remains an asset of the U.S. Navy. Rudy, a retired Navy Seal, shares some of his naval experiences with B.

Bayou Boogaloo Festival with Bruce Smith
The Downtown Norfolk waterfront overflows with Bayou flavor and culture during its annual Bayou Boogaloo Food Festival, and B. stops in with Norfolk native and Washington Redskin Bruce Smith. Three stages flood the crowd with concerts, cooking demonstrations, entertaining shows and activities, all surrounded by sizzling Cajun cuisine. This New Orleans-style festival happens every year for three days and is filled with contests, music and 10,000 crawfish!

Santa Fe Top

Organic Herb Farm with Marsha Mason
B. visits four-time Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe winner for “The Goodbye Girl” Marsha Mason on her medicinal herb farm (organically certified) called “Resting in the River,” located in the Chama River Valley in Northern New Mexico. B. learns about the herbs grown on her farm, the personal story behind the opening of “Resting in the River” and the line of products that include herbal tinctures, salve, and potpourri with essential oils. Together, they also discuss Marsha’s career and book Journey: A personal Odyssey.