Galaxy Ranger Zachery Foxx is assigned to check out a small group of humans who have established a base on the planet Kirwin. Here humans, Kiwi and Andorians are working together to set up a planetary force shield to protect Kirwin from alien invasion. Captain Foxx brings his wife, Aliza, and their two children, Little Zach and Jessica. Alien Ambassadors Zozo and Waldo are also with them on the voyage to Kirwin. While in hyperspace, their spaceship, THE PHOENIX, is caught in a hyperdredge net and forced to drop out in an unexplored region of interstellar space. They are captured by an alien outlaw spaceship commanded by Captain Kidd. The Kidd wants to turn the humans over to the Queen of The Crown, notorious leader of an alien empire. Eager to acquire human specimens for her psychocrystal experiments, the Queen sends her regional Slaver Lord to pick up the humans. Zozo and Waldo help Zachery and the children escape but not before Zachery is injured, Aliza Foxx is kidnapped by Captain Kidd and THE PHOENIX is destroyed. Brought back to the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs on Earth, Zachery's body is reconstructed with bionics and an experimental computer implant is installed in his brain. Commander Walsh of BETA agrees with Zachery that BETA needs a special group of Galaxy Rangers with special abilities to fight the powerful enemies from outer space. These Galaxy Rangers will all utilize an experimental implant system to enhance their individual abilities. Zachery knows that he is about to become a powerful weapon to fight against the alien outlaws from outer space.


The Galaxy Rangers with Zachery Foxx in command are sent to rescue captured humans from the Queen's psychocrypt asteroid. The Rangers first stop on the outlaw planet of Tortuna to contact Captain Kidd but the Kidd has been set up by the Queen. Her Slaver Lords and Crown Agents ambush the Rangers. The Rangers escape with Captain Kidd and rocket to the psychocrypt asteroid to rescue the humans, including Aliza Foxx. Her lifeforce, however, is already drained into a psychocrystal and now powers one of the Queen's dread Slaver Lords. Aliza Foxx is brought back to Earth and is deep-frozen to keep the Queen from using Aliza as a spy. Zachery vows to hunt down the Slaver Lord that wears the other half of his wife's psychocrystal. If this crystal can be found and connected to the crystal worn by Aliza, she can be brought fully back to life.


Following up a tip from Geezi the Pedulont, an alien informant, the Galaxy Rangers visit the great domed Tortuna City on the outlaw planet Tortuna. They seek one of the Queen's precious memory birds. These birds hold data concerning top secret operations of the Queen. Instead of acquiring the real memory bird, Geezi slips the Rangers a fake bird programmed with simple bubblehead memory. The Rangers go after the real bird and in the process they aid Geezi in smuggling the last survivors of the Girkin race off Tortuna. The Queen has converted almost all the other Girkins into psychocrystals to power her Slaver Lords.


Goose is assigned to escort the reputed leader of the Black Hole Gang, McCross, from the Deltoid Prison Rock to Earth. But McCross's gang knows their boss has hidden a chest of Starstones near the edge of the frontier on the low tech world of Ozark. The Black Hole Gang forces Goose to crash land on Ozark. There Goose meets the lovely Annie Oh and her horse Bellestar. They help Goose fight against the rough outlaw gang.


Top secret DNA formulas used by the World Federation in their short lived Supertrooper program have been stolen. The smugglers plan to sell the "Supertrooper juice" to the Queen. In deep space action Goose saves Zachery by giving him his helmet when Zachery's is damaged. Goose must then use his super biodefenses to save himself from the vacuum of space. The Galaxy Rangers track down the stolen goods to Tortuna where they go up against the smugglers in a showdown.


Zachery and Zozo are sent to the low tech planet of Dybarr to check on BETA biologist, Audra Miles. They discover that McCross and his Black Hole Gang have attacked Audra and the natives and are searching for Starstones. Audra introduces the Rangers to Mistwalker, leader of the Bistee Finokee, natives of the planet. Mistwalker explains that the planet contains animal lifeforms that cheerfully devour high tech equipment. So in order to track down the Black Hole Gang, Mistwalker leads the Galaxy Rangers through the swamps and plains in a deadly cat and mouse game where all of the Rangers equipment proves useless including Zachery's bionic arm.


The Galaxy Rangers are assigned to deliver an explosive isotope to a mining operation in the Orion asteroid belt. Their mission is cut short when Cody "Wildfire" Carson turns up chased by three Imperial Death Droids and a posse of angry asteroid miners. Goose takes off in his interceptor and helps Wildfire destroy the droids. The Rangers then take the wanted desperado, Wildfire, in for protective custody. But the angry miners have space mined the area and are threatening to destroy the Hyperlight transport unless Wildfire is returned to them. Zachery orders Goose and Doc to sneak aboard the miners' lead ship with Wildfire to disarm the space mines but they first have to battle their way past the angry posse.


An ancient space station drifts into the Sol System with a ghostly cargo. The station holds an antimatter detonation device and is set to blow. The Galaxy Rangers rocket to the station where they confront an immense computer controlling this ancient doomsday device. The computer creates holographic illusions to prevent the Rangers from discovering its secret, but Doc talks the computer into releasing them seconds before the bomb explodes.


The dangerous and priceless Po sculpture is stolen from the first Interstellar Art Exhibition on BETA Space Station. The Galaxy Rangers track it to the notorious smuggler, Jacky Subtract, on Mars. They discover the statue was delivered to the bizarre "Collector" on Earth. While the other Rangers battle the security systems in The Collector's museum, Goose grabs the statue, which means he has to survive the deadly effects of one million emotions emitted by the bizarre sculpture.


Captain Kidd is fishing in hyperspace when he catches an insect-like spacecraft. To his horror he discovers that it is a Traash scout ship. Before he can throw it back, an invasion fleet appears and begins firing on his ship, The Iron Falcon. The Kidd barely escapes and rockets to Earth yelling, "The Traash are coming, the Traash are coming!" Waldo explains that the Traash have never communicated with anyone and they exterminate any other lifeform that they encounter. The Galaxy Rangers are sent to the Traash high command ship to make contact and stop the space battles. But first they have to get past the Traash warriors and the only one that can help them is Captain Kidd. The Kidd has boasted that he can produce a strange whistle that can paralyze the Traash warriors and now it will be put to the test.


Renegade Supertrooper, Killbane, returns to Earth to steal the experimental "Mindnet" technology from BETA's top-secret research facility, Longshot. Mindnet is a machine which enables the user to control all human life. Killbane intends to sell Mindnet to the Queen of the Crown. The Galaxy Rangers track him and the device to the town of Sorry End on the outlaw planet of Tortuna. There Goose goes one on one, Supertrooper style, with Killbane. The Queen gets control of Mindnet and she tries it out with disastrous results, for her.


Evil Earth scientist Lazurus Slade sneaks an alien copying machine into BETA MOUNTAIN. BETA's top scientist, Q-Ball, assigns his assistant, Buzzwang, to inventory the machine. Buzzwang accidentally switches on the strange copying device. Tiny replicants of Buzzwang are created that steal all of Q-Ball's latest inventions and bring them to Slade. With Little Zach's help, Buzz learns a valuable lesson as they track down and return those devices before Q--Ball notices them missing.


On the planet Basoot the natives are tyrannized into digging for Starstones by the last of the great space sorcerers, Mogul. These rare and powerful stones increase Mogul's psychic powers to conjure up ancient magic. When the Galaxy Rangers arrive to rescue the Basooti, they must battle the mighty creatures conjured up by Mogul.


The Galaxy Ranger dolphins have picked up a psychic distress call from a distant water based planet in the Empty Zone. When the Galaxy Rangers arrive they discover an ancient factory that is manufacturing warrior robots. Goose and Niko follow the dolphins into the deep oceans in search of the natives who sent the distress signal while Zachery and Doc explore the factory. Inside they find two alien factory workers that have arrived to repair the ancient factory. They are manufacturing dozens of robots. Goose and Niko discover that the natives want the factory closed down once again. Before a compromise is reached, the Galaxy Rangers must battle the robot warriors that are now programmed to destroy them.


The Queen has built a fearsome new weapon. It is an enormous hyperspace gun with which to bombard her enemies across the boundaries of time and space. Her first target is the Earth, unless the World Federation delivers 5,000 humans to her psychocrypt. The Galaxy Rangers are dropped deep behind the Queen's front lines and are ordered to take out the gun. But to get to it, they must first battle their way through an army of the Queen's toughest defenses.


On the asteroid mining colony of Bardo, space miner Roy Macintyre and his faithful Burro-5000 are prospecting in a deep mine shaft when the discover a giant buried robot known as the Ax. The Galaxy Rangers arrive to investigate and discover a gigantic underground complex protected by Ax. Now the awakened Ax, intent on keeping the complex a secret, chases Roy and the Rangers deep into the alien labyrinth.


The planet Shaky is rocked by geological disturbances. During the quakes, a variety of rare and valuable minerals are being unearthed including Starstones. Roy and Burro 5000 are prospecting in the dangerous mines when they discover a mother lode of Starstones. Roy sends a message to the Galaxy Rangers but the message attracts the unwelcome attention of the Black Hole Gang as well.


When an asteroid mining colony is attacked by giant creatures, the miners panic and hire Captain Emerson Mylox of the S.S. Melville to track down the creatures. Q-Ball and Buzzwang discover that the so-called monsters are really intelligent, peaceful creatures that travel in herds and graze on asteroids eating the rocks. The creatures become known as space whales. Meanwhile, Mylox has captured a few small space whales with the hope of attracting the Space Moby himself, a giant creature 10 times the size of the others. Mylox has been tracking it a long time. The Galaxy Rangers are sent to investigate and find themselves caught in a mighty war between Mylox and the Space Moby.


On the newly colonized human farm world, Granna, Zozo brings a device to test the soil for future crops of Kiwi vegetables. The heavy machine awakens a sleeping creature deep within the planet's surface. Donning the garb of a nearby scarecrow, the ancient terror goes forth under the harvest moon to stalk the night. Goose goes one on one with the deadly gunslinger and the Scarecrow is put to rest, at least for awhile.


Nimrod, great gamester of the Horns of Capricorn, has been snaring space ships so he can hunt their crews in his elaborate gaming preserve. He baits his trap for the Galaxy Rangers and catches them. Nimrod removes the Rangers' badges so they are powerless to use their Series Five implants. Even left to their own natural instincts and cunning, Nimrod finds out that this particular prey is too hot to handle


Lazurus Slade kidnaps Doc and delivers him to an evil alien known as The General. The General runs a gaming complex on a remote planet in the Empty Zone. There he is building an army from the winners of the game grid where captives fight upon dragon birds. Goose is sent in with a few surprise gadgets from Q-Ball to bust the game. Once in, Goose teams up with Maya, Princess of the allied planet Tarkon, to put an end to The General.


Waldo, Zozo and a group of Kiwi and Andorian Ambassadors are taken captive in space by Wild Bill Krebb of the Orion Flying Circus and Rodeo. The Kiwi are forced to perform as jugglers and the Andorians as clowns. The caged Andorians soon begin to regress to their savage and primitive past. The Galaxy Rangers execute a daring rescue while performing in the greatest show in the universe.


The Queen has set a trap to capture Zachery Foxx. Using the psychocrystal created from Aliza Foxx, the Queen sends a signal through to the other half of the crystal that lies around the neck of Zachery's wife. Aliza Foxx is frozen in the Longshot complex to prevent the Queen from completely turning Aliza into a Slaver Lord. The signal transmitted is directed at Zachery causing him to experience horrifying nightmares. Q-Ball determines that Aliza Foxx's life force is dwindling due to the great distance across space. Zachery demands to go to the Queen's psychocrypt asteroid and force the Queen to give him what he needs to restore his wife. But BETA refuses his request and Zachery turns in his badge. Alone, he leaves for the psychocrypt to track down the mysterious psychocrystal. Niko, Doc, and Goose follow in an attempt to help Zachery but by the time they arrive, it is too late. Zachery has been caught in the Queen's trap and is converted into a psychocrystal that is powering a new Slaver Lord.


The Galaxy Rangers must pose as wanted criminals to infiltrate a gang of outlaws. The gang, run by the outlaw, Daisy O'Mega, has stolen a Federation battle cruiser and is hiding out deep within the dangerous Burning Nebula. The renegade Rangers are brought in and put to a test before Daisy reveals her final goal. She will use the battle cruiser to attack Longshot and steal all of its secrets. When McCross recognizes the Rangers, he sets them adrift in the Burning Nebula where fiery meteorites begin to pulverize their ship.


The Galaxy Rangers close in to round up the Black Hole Gang at their hideout which is precariously perched on the edge of a black hole. The gang won't give up without a fight and the Rangers go in to take them out. When Niko is caught under a barrage of crossfire, Goose rockets in to deflect the fire allowing Niko to escape. But Goose's ship is blasted and thrown into the black hole. Inside the bizarre hole Goose is exposed to unusual rays of energy that overload his Series Five implant. Goose loses complete control over his biodefenses and begins to change into strange and unknown creatures. His ship is thrown out of a warp'in space and crashes on the planet Ozark. The low tech natives mistake Goose for a monster as Goose uncontrollably changes into menacing creatures. They begin to hunt him down. Goose's only friend on the planet is Annie Oh but will she recognize him?


The Kiwi are rejoicing. The last remaining Girkins have begun to prosper and reproduce. Almost exterminated by the Queen of The Crown to power her Slaver Lords, the last remaining Girkins have hidden on Kirwin. Now it seems they will survive and multiply. But high up in the surrounding hills, a spy for the Queen witnesses the celebration. When the Queen learns of this find, she sends an armada of fighters for a sneak attack on Kirwin to recapture the Girkins. She hires renegade Supertrooper, Killbane, to use his super biodefenses to pierce the protective force shield surrounding Kirwin. Once through, Killbane destroys the field power source leaving Kirwin totally vulnerable to attack. The Galaxy Rangers rocket to Kirwin and help the Kiwi make their stand against the powerful forces of the Imperial Crown.


The Queen finally mounts an all out assault on the Sol System. She sends an armada of Slaver battle cruisers under the command of Lazurus Slade who has delivered to her a special power crystal for her hyperdrive engines. The Queen plans to wipe out BETA and the Galaxy Rangers and then transport the humans to her psychocrypt. The one person who holds the key that can unlock the secret weakness of the Queen's engines is Captain Kidd. The Rangers convince Kidd to join them as they go up against the entire armada with The Kidd's special crystal buster.


One of the Queen's most valuable memory birds is missing and Captain Kidd and Squeegie have it. The Queen wants her bird back and sends a fleet of Crown Agents to get it. Every outlaw in the galaxy wants it as well. The Galaxy Rangers are sent to retrieve the bird but The Kidd has his own plan to sell it to the highest bidder. The Kidd soon discovers that this particular memory bird is quickly becoming too hot to handle.


The Galaxy Rangers are called back to the planet Walkab, once the site of a powerful gun built by the Queen. The Queen and her gun are no longer there, but left behind is her army of Crown Agents. They are searching for a mysterious gateway to another universe. The Queen would love to conquer a new universe. The Rangers meet with Captain Weeg, a scurvy old seadog who claims to have found a map showing the location of the stargate. The Rangers convince Weeg to join them on this quest for the gate. The quest leads them on a perilous journey through the Queen's armies and ends at the bottom of the deepest ocean on the planet.


Buzzwang is assigned to update BETA's household utensil programs but taps into Q-Ball's new defense robot program by mistake. The result is a bunch of baffling robots. Lazurus Slade meanwhile has set up an invasion of BETA MOUNTAIN with a swarm of ugly alien Plagueos from the Queen. When the human BETA personnel are knocked out by gas, the only ones left to repel the invasion are Buzz, Zozo, Waldo, the Kiwi babies, and Buzz's new robots.


Maya, Princess of Tarkon, summons the help of her friends, the Galaxy Rangers, when her father, King Spartos, is tricked into signing a deal with the Queen of The Crown. King Spartos is against the use of high tech weaponry and orders the Rangers imprisoned. But Doc and Niko escape to discover a giant sleeping computer deep beneath the surface of the planet. This computer was built by an ancient civilization to protect Tarkon and now Doc must awaken it before the Queen's invasion forces arrive.


Premier Kubla Dutch of the Board of World Leaders, is on his way to And or to negotiate the construction of an Andorian defense shield around the Earth. He is traveling aboard the luxury space liner, the S.S. Christie. The journey begins but Premier Dutch is murdered by a mysterious figure. The Galaxy Rangers arrive to unravel the clues and solve the mystery. Could it have been Captain Kidd and Squeegie? The gamester Nimrod? Mrs. Dutch or the Premier's aid Snivel? There is a killer on board stalking them all and the Rangers must discover who it is.


Mogul the space sorcerer draws a being from another universe into our own hoping to tap into her powers. By mistake she crashes on the outlaw planet Tortuna. Waldo and Q-Ball discover that a rupture has occurred in the fabric of our universe and trace the disturbance to Tortuna. The galaxy Rangers are sent to find the visitor and send her home before the rupture rips open causing the entire universe to implode. The friendly visitor would love to go home but she can't return without a special power coil and Mogul has sent that somewhere else.


Wild Bill Krebb is searching in the mountains of Kirwin with two Kiwi guides for oil. Instead he happens upon one of Kirwin's most treasured friends, the harvest Mothmoose, a huge flying moose that plays incredible music through its ornate horns. To the horror of the Kiwi, Wild Bill captures the Mothmoose and delivers it to The Tortuna Nightclub, hoping to cash in on a fortune. Zozo and the Kiwi babies insist that the Galaxy Rangers accompany them on a daring rescue in the wildest, woolliest, outlaw town in the galaxy, Tortuna City.


Zozo and Niko take the Kiwi kids, Little Zach, Jessica and Buzzwang to the fabled planet of Dybarr, home of the wondrous Mistwalker. Zozo brags about the incredible variety of plant and animal life in Bistee Finokee, the home of Mistwalker's people, a wonderland of nature working perfectly with the inhabitants. But when our heroes arrive, all is not well. Mistwalker explains that a strange virus is infecting a section of the forest. She leads Niko and the rest into the forest where they discover that the trees have begun to mutate. The once beautiful trees are now gnarly, ugly and monstrous. The trees reach for the kids trying to capture them. Deeper in the evil forest, more trouble awaits as the plants and animals become more and more vicious and gruesome. The Rangers discover that evil scientist, Lazurus Slade is at work here, experimenting with a stolen vial of Batch 22. When Zozo tries to stop Slade, Zozo becomes infected with the bizarre virus and the Rangers and Mistwalker must quickly find the cure before Zozo becomes evil.


The Scarecrow is back this time on the planet of Tarkon. It is searching Tarkon's Haunted Lands for another of its kind --the ancient unkillable warrior called the Sleeper buried deep within the ground. Princess Maya leads the Galaxy Rangers as they track the Scarecrow to the great mountain that houses the Heart of Tarkon. The ancient sleeping computer is the only thing protecting an unsuspecting galaxy from the Sleeper and the Scarecrow is there to make sure the computer does not interfere. The Galaxy Rangers must prevent the Sleeper from rising and at the same time figure out how to stop the ancient gunslinging Scarecrow once and for all.


biologist Audra Miles is investigating the Bovo Experimental Entity Facility, B.E.E.F., on the planet Prairie. B.E.E.F. has sold a new batch of genetically bred cattle to the ranchers. Audra discovers that the Bovo-6 cattle have a faulty gene design and are dying. B.E.E.F. fabricates a story to the ranchers that the cattle are being killed by a local animal called a Lycon. But Audra knows the Lycons to be peaceful, intelligent and friendly creatures. She calls the Galaxy Rangers to help her unravel the plot against the ranchers and clear the good name of the Lycons.


Zozo, Niko, Buzzwang, and The Kiwi kids have come to the farm world of Granna to deliver a batch of Kiwi Mallow Trees. These trees, specially engineered at the Kiwi Vegetable Labs, will produce naturally organic and nutritious Marshmallow fruit. The fruit would be a major cash crop for the farmers. But Zozo doesn't take into account the effect of Granna's twin suns on the trees. Within hours the trees grow into giants and begin raining down giant-sized marshmallows. Buzzwang computes that if the trees continue to multiply, the entire planet could be. covered in marshmallows within two days. The only solution is for the Galaxy Rangers to deliver a voracious little insect called the Gobble Bug. These bugs have been designed to have a very short life cycle and would eat all of the Mallow fruit. But two farmers who fear this little critter kidnap the specimens. The Rangers must track down the bugs and release them before it is too late.


The Queen devises a daring scheme to capture the Galaxy Rangers. She is holding a contest on Tortuna to find the fastest gun in the galaxy. The prize is a chest of Starstones and psychocrystals, including the psychocrystal of Aliza Foxx. Mogul hears of the wonderful booty and conjures up a four-armed gunslinger to win the contest and the prizes. Zachery takes Niko and Doc to Tortuna but falls into the Queen's trap and they are captured. Meanwhile Mogul's gunslinger is eliminating the competition including the Queen's own Crown Champion. Things look bleak for the Rangers until a mysterious stranger dressed in black appears to challenge the four-armed gunslinger. He wagers that if he wins, the Galaxy Rangers will be set free. The Queen agrees and as the stranger in black faces off with the fourčarmed gunslinger, the stranger removes his mask to reveal The Goose.


The Black Hole Gang discovers oil near a small town on the planet Prairie. McCross's plan is to run the settlers out of town so he can claim the oil for himself. McCross finds a giant hibernating Brontobear to the north of the small town and awakens the beast from its wintry nap. The angry monster follows McCross back toward the town and creates a panic as the settlers flee for their lives. The Galaxy Rangers arrive to transport it back to its arctic home. But McCross sets a trap that awakens the bear while on board the hyperlight transport. The now enraged animal tears the transport apart causing the vehicle to crash land in the Arctic Circle. The Rangers now must flee for their lives as the giant Brontobear hunts them down.


Hundreds of tiny cowboy and Indian robots invade a space colony in search of Jessica Foxx's school science project. She has built a micro satellite tracking dish and the little armies are battling it out to see who gets to it first. The Galaxy Rangers are called in when BETA receives an invasion code signal from the station. They arrive to find the tiny robots have gotten into the machine room and have damaged the orbital and life support controls. Suddenly a massive spacecraft appears and an alien child comes on board to claim his missing toys. The alien child had programmed his toys to search out a new satellite dish so he could get a clearer image of the television signals from Earth.


The Queen fires a spy psychocrystal into the Sol System. It gets aboard the BETA battle cruiser, Laredo, during its maiden voyage. The crystal infects Zachery's bionic arm and almost kills him. The bionic arm is removed but escapes and hides in the immense space cruiser. It begins to smash stray worker robots and, cannibalizing the parts, builds itself up into a monstrous metal Slaver Lord. Goose faces off with the "junk pile" before the monster destroys the ship with massive, thunderbolts from its rogue arm.


The Black Hole Gang knocks out a transport of valuable Bovo-12 genetic cattle. Tex Tune, the singing space cowboy, is responsible for those cattle but has to crash the transport short of its destination of Ft. Windom on the low tech planet of Nebraska. Tex calls in the Galaxy Rangers to ward off the cattle rustlers while the cattle are driven across the Great Plains. But the Black Hole Gang has set up an ambush along the dangerous Hard Luck Pass. The Galaxy Rangers must head the gang off at the pass to save the settlers' cattle.


The Galaxy Rangers are escorting a new Andorian hyperdrive engine from Andor to Earth when a streaking meteor collides with the Andorian space vessel. The ship crashes on a nearby arid planet. The fireball also crashes on the planet in a river. From out of the fireball emerges The Scarecrow who has returned to this planet in search of a powerful energy source. The Scarecrow finds its way to a riverboat. There it meets Lazurus Slade who is traveling aboard the riverboat. When Slade discovers that the Rangers are searching for the valuable engine, he teams up with Scarecrow to find the ship and put an end to the Rangers once and for all. But The Scarecrow has plans of its own as it creates an army of rock creatures from the heart of a nearby mesa. Scarecrow hypnotizes Slade and makes him the Commander of the rock army. While the Rangers battle the rockmen, Scarecrow unleashes his powerful sorcery and taps into an immense power source capable of destroying the planet.


Lazurus Slade teams up with Mogul the space sorcerer in a plot to steal the Galaxy Rangers' Series Five powers. Mogul conjures up a magic badge and when Slade puts it on, he absorbs all of the Rangers' super powers. However, he also absorbs the Rangers' knowledge of good. Slade's personality is so altered that he begins to fight for good over evil. Slade demands to become a Galaxy Rangers and fight for justice. Mogul, of course, is horrified and desperately tries to turn Slade back to his old ways.


Starstones are discovered on a remote asteroid in the Empty Zone. Almost overnight the desolate rock becomes a boomtown with everyone going Starstone crazy. Roy and Burro-5000 decide to try their prospecting luck. So does Captain Kidd and Squeegie. Mogul and his subdemon, Larry, are there prospecting as well. And of course the Black Hole Gang is making an attempt to cash in. Q-Ball discovers that the incredible psychic energy caused by the population explosion has affected the Starstones making them highly potent and unstable. When the Galaxy Rangers arrive to bring law to this new frontier, the asteroid is only hours away from destructing into space dust.


Killbane and the renegade Supertrooper are back. They are coming to Earth to free their frozen comrades and form a Supertrooper army. Commander Walsh, Tactical Commander Negata, and former Supertrooper, Shane Gooseman, draw the renegades to the now closed down training complex of the Supertrooper called Wolfden. It was here the Supertrooper were raised and it was here they discovered their incredibly engineered super powers. Now these powers will be put to the ultimate test on the Wolfden training grid because the Supertrooper are going up against one of their own, Galaxy Ranger Shane Gooseman.


Goose is sent on a lone mission to a frontier planet called Nebraska. Two renegade Supertoopers have been spotted working for an evil cattle baron and Goose must track them down and bring them back to Earth. The female Supertrooper, Darkstar, was once Gooses friend and now he must bring her back to Earth to be frozen. Goose meets the Supertrooper under the high noon sun for the final showdown. Goose must make his decision knowing that he still cares for Darkstar.


Ranger One with Zachery, Goose and Zozo aboard is sabotaged by Crown Agents while in the Tortuna Spaceport. The Agents plant a bomb that blows the ship out of hyperspace. In an incredible feat of piloting skill, Goose keeps the ship together long enough to crash on an unknown planet deep in the Empty Zone. Zachery is wounded and his bionics are malfunctioning . The three Rangers decide to search for water and help. While Doc and Niko begin their search for their fellow Rangers, Zachery, Goose and Zozo discover the remains of an Earth spaceship that crashed seventy years ago. The children of the survivors have reverted to a savage state and hunt down the Rangers. To the surprise of the Rangers, the human children have been raised by a Crown Agent that also crashed here. The Crown Agent realizes it cannot return to the Queen after living with humans, so it orders the Rangers staked out in the hot desert sun. Goose whistles and his mechanical horse Triton comes to their rescue. The children soon realize that the Rangers also come from Earth and demand that the Crown Agent let them go. When Goose tries to use the radio to contact Doc and Niko for help, the Crown Agent sets the auto destruct aboard the old Earth ship. Goose must use all of his powers to save his friends.


The Deltoid Rock Prison colony in the Greater Asteroid Field has been taken over by the inmates. The General and his army are holding the command bridge but McCross is leading the Black Hole Gang in an attempt to control the station. The General fires the mighty engines and Deltoid is on the move, headed for a peaceful planet where escape vessels await. Commander Walsh decides to send a Ranger inside to take back control of the station. Q-Ball rigs the charging chamber to amplify Goose's Series Five implant giving Goose the ability to hold the disguise of an alien for three hours. Goose infiltrates the prison and makes his way to the command bridge that is held by the General. Time is running out as Goose must first get through the Black Hole Gang and prove himself against the other outlaws who have taken over the base.


signs a peace treaty with the natives on planet Mesa that would open the planet up for human colonization. But reports are coming into BETA that settlers are mysteriously disappearing out on the plains of Mesa. The Galaxy Rangers are sent to Mesa to lead a wagon train of settlers out into the Great Plains. The Rangers, atop their robo-steeds, lead the wagon train out into the alien frontier. In the Great Plains, the train is attacked by hundreds of natives wielding bows and arrows and laser weapons. The Rangers lead the wagons into a circle to ward off the attack. Not understanding why peaceful natives would suddenly attack, Zach and the Rangers meet the native chief for a powwow. Chief Pawnee explains that some braves are disappearing and they blame the settlers. But when it is learned that neither the humans nor the natives are responsible, they band together to discover a strange alien that lives underneath the Great Plains. This alien does not like trespassers.


The lush and verdant planet Ozark is about to be opened up by the League of Planets for colonization. Once claimed, the land would be worth a lot of money on the open market. The Galaxy Rangers are assigned to monitor the land rush and make sure everyone obeys the rules. But McCross, Daisy O'Mega, and the Black Hole Gang plan to do everything but obey the rules in order to land the best claims for themselves. The starting gun is fired and hundreds of hopeful colonists including Annie Oh, Roy and Burro-5000, and Cody "Wildfire" Carson, rush to make their claims unaware of the traps already set by the Black Hole Gang.


The human colony world of Nebraska is facing a major drought. Their crops and farmland are dying and there seems to be no relief in sight. A mysterious figure named Aiden rides into town with a strange device. The man claims that he can make it rain with this special machine. But when he tries the machine, it creates massive earthquakes. The town sheriff arrests the Rainmaker but not before his machine is stolen. The only friend Aiden makes is a little girl named Amy who truly believes Aiden can make it rain. When the stolen device is used by the outlaws to disrupt the town, the Galaxy Rangers are called in to save the town from being pulverized. Amy's faith is finally restored when Aiden saves his machine and creates a wondrous rain shower over the fields complete with a beautiful rainbow.


The Galaxy Rangers go undercover and enter a unique contest representing the Earth in the first ever Intergalactic Battle of the Bands. They compete with Nimrod and the Slaver Lords, Larry and the Demons, and a host of other incredible alien musical talents. The Queen has her own plans for the thousands of humans who have come from Earth to attend the show. She wants to transport them to her psychocrypt asteroid.


Q-Ball invents a new supercomputer with a female nature named Rusty. Rusty's first assignment is with Doc on the planet Basoot. Doc is demonstrating Q-Ball's new digging machine to help the Basooti mine their planet. Meanwhile Mogul has sent his subdemon, Larry, to Basoot to collect his leftover spell books. Larry accidentally spills a magic potion all over himself and when he spots Rusty on the spy scopes falls madly in love with the robot. Larry conjures up a love arrow and fires it at Rusty hoping to get the robot to like him. The arrow finds its mark and knocks out Rusty's circuits. But when Rusty awakens, she falls madly in love with the first person she sees, Doc.


Evil Earth scientist, Dr. Ograbgo, is hard at work on the largest particle accelerator in the galaxy located on the Texton moon. It is called the Super Accelerator Machine, called SAM for short. Ograbgo experimenting with combat programs to force the super computer to obey his orders. His goal is to recreate the big bang explosion and blow a hole right through our own universe into another. The Galaxy Rangers arrive to check out the situation and Doc discovers the bugs inside SAM. But Ograbgo's experiment has begun and he traps the Rangers in the huge bubble chamber where particles collide to generate the blast. Goose pushes Zach, Niko, and Doc out just in time and uses his biodefenses to save himself from the blast. But the explosion blows a hole into another universe and an energy creature falls inside SAM. The moon is on the verge of exploding as the alien creature brings Goose into the computer world to battle Ograbgo's combat programs in exchange for holding the Texton moon together long enough for the humans to escape. But can Goose escape the computer battlefield and return to the real world in time?


Returning from a mission, Niko receives a psychic distress call from a nearby low tech planet. Niko and Doc land but are captured by a band of Indians. The natives think they have captured spirits from the sky. When the natives spot Mel, Doc's mechanical horse, they think Mel is a mighty horse god from the heavens. The Indians show Doc and Niko ancient carvings that indicate the coming of spirits to ward off the evil that has afflicted their planet. Sure enough, the Rangers discover that the Queen has built a secret military installation deep within a volcano. Her Slaver Lords are experimenting with a weather control device that is creating disasters around the planet. The Galaxy Rangers go in to take it out with the help of their new Indian friends and their new horse god, Mel.


Niko is summoned by her mentor and teacher, Ariel. Ariel is the leader of the Circle of Thought, a group of specially gifted people with extrasensory perception. Ariel's arch enemy is an alien force called the Megamind. The Megamind has escaped from its dimensional prison through a stargate and now threatens the entire universe. While Ariel explains to Zachery the urgency of the situation, the Megamind strikes at BETA, having followed Ariel. The Megamind kidnaps Zach and forces Niko and Ariel into battle against it. Niko and Ariel must fight the Megamind using every one of their incredible powers to free their friends.


The wild and woolly desperado, Cody "Wildfire" Carson, has stolen a powerful energy generating weapon from a gang of outlaws and the gang wants it back. The Galaxy Rangers find Cody lost and adrift in space. When they come on board, instead of the Galaxy Rangers, Cody thinks he sees the actual western folk heroes, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and Bill Hickok. Niko discovers that Cody is suffering from space fever and is delirious. Cody explains that he took the weapon to find and capture the great dragon of Altair but the Rangers think Cody is hallucinating from the fever. Suddenly the outlaw gang attacks. In the fighting, Cody makes a run for it leaving the Rangers to battle it out in space. The outlaws take off after Cody with the Rangers hot on their tail. Cody lands on a nearby planet followed by the outlaw gang. But when the Rangers arrive they find the gang lying in wait to ambush them. Cody thinks the gunfight at OK Corral is being reenacted as he comes to the rescue with a huge dragon by his side.


Video queen, Eve Whiner, takes her crew to shoot a music video on the outlaw planet of Tortuna. Promising to make Geezi the Pedulont a video king, Geezi shows the humans the best locations inside Tortuna City. But trouble awaits as Brappo and his gang of alien outlaws kidnap Eve and her crew in an attempt to sell them to the Queen of The Crown. The Galaxy Rangers ride into town to rescue the trapped humans. While the Rangers shoot -it out with the outlaws, Eve shoots the wildest music video this side of the galaxy.


The Galaxy Rangers are called to the planet Prairie when the BOVO facility tries to stop the construction of a monorail line through the Big Valley. BOVO thugs have been forcing settlers out of the valley in an attempt to use the land for BOVO genetic cattle breeding. Zach, Goose, Niko and Zozo help the settlers fight against the thugs while Doc infiltrates the BOVO computers to get evidence. In a last ditch attempt to rid the settlers, BOVO destroys a dam that floods the valley. Doc. is captured and tied to the monorail tracks in the path of an oncoming train. The Rangers must push their powers to the limits in attempt to save Doc and the settlers.


The General, an evil alien warlord, is back. He has perfected a matter transportation device to collect an army of lifeforms to serve him. The General tests his device by stealing Doc, Zachery, Zozo and Waldo from the bridge of the BETA battle cruiser, The Laredo. The General sends his challenge to BETA. BETA must send two champions to a specific destination. There the champions will battle their way to the top of a tower. At each level of the tower the champions will face a tougher adversary. If they survive, The General's prisoners will be set free. If the BETA champions fail, they will serve The General in his army. Goose and Niko take up the challenge and arrive at the tower to face The General's most dangerous games.


Following up a tip from Geezi the Pedulont, the Galaxy Rangers find the hideout of two renegade Supertrooper on the far side of Tortuna. The Supertrooper are man and wife and have perfected a genetically engineered flying horse. It is a priceless, one-of-a-kind animal. But someone has gotten to them first and the woman is dead. The man mutters his last dying breath to Goose, "My son must have this." The male Supertrooper gives Goose a strange Starstone and dies. Outside, the Rangers discover the thirteen year old son of the Supertrooper, Billy, and take him under protective custody. Goose tries to explain what has happened but the boy only wants to hunt down the men who killed his parents and avenge their deaths. Goose explains that violence is not the way to choose and gives the boy the strange Starstone. The stone is carved into an image of a winged horse and Goose tells the boy that his father stayed alive long enough to make sure the boy got this. Billy recognizes the stone as the key that unlocks a secret program from his father's computer. The computer explains that Billy's father developed gene animals for the black market. The last animal he designed was a flying horse named Sundancer. Billy convinces the Rangers to help him track down and rope this wonderful horse. But the alien outlaws who paid for the horse want it back and they are searching for Billy and the Starstone.


Billy Sawyer follows the moring star to the far side of the planet Tortuna on a quest to track down the great winged horse, Sundancer, created by his father. Billy finds the horse but it is under attact from a ferocious saber-toothed tiger. In a daring rescue, Billy manages to save Sundancer. Billy and Sundancer become instant friends. But the gang that killed Billy's parents have tracked the boy and kidnap Billy and Sundancer. Billy awakens in a barn in Tortuna City. A great race is to be run the next day. The race will determine the fastest horse on Tortuna and the prizes are great. Billy convinces the stable keeper to help him contact the Galaxy Rangers. The Rangers arrive in time to help Billy get Sundancer back and enter the race. But even the Galaxy Rangers can't help Billy and Sundancer against the fastest and meanest horses and riders in all of Tortuna.


The Queen of the Crown is sending a Crown armada to invade the planet Tarkon. The only thing that can save the planet are huge defensive guns mounted on Tarkon's moons. The guns are controlled by the ancient computer that lies beneath the mountain called The Heart of Tarkon. The Galaxy Rangers race to Tarkon aboard the BETA battle cruiser, Laredo, to hold off the Crown fleet until Doc can get inside the Heart of Tarkon and awaken the ancient computer. But Doc finds that another foe also means to get to the Heart of Tarkon. The Scarecrow, ancient adversary of the computer, is trying to gain immortality by taking over the computer and using its power. Doc, with the help of Princess Maya must battle the Scarecrow for control of the giant computer while the other Rangers battle the Crown fleet in space.