Episode 101

"Marooned on Mongo"

Earth teenagers Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, and their reluctant friend Dr. Zarkov, journey to the fantastic planet Mongo where they fight to defeat the evil planetary dictator, Ming the Merciless.

Episode 102

"Jaws of the Jungle"

Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov rescue the Lionid princess Thundar from Ming and the treacherous Vine People. This feat earns them the respect of Prince Talon and renews the rebellion against Ming.

Episode 103

"The Caves of Doom"

Flash races time to save Dale and Dr. Zarkov from being sacrificed to a volcano by the Trogs, a tribe of suspicious cave dwellers.

Episode 104

"Vandals from the Void"

When Mongo is attacked by a fleet of UFOs, only Flash questions Ming's attempts to form an alliance with the Rebel forces.

Episode 105

"Fangs of Fury"

Thundar's mother falls fatally ill, and only Ming holds the antidote. His price for the cure‹Flash Gordon! How will Thundar decide?

Episode 106

"Terror Beneath the Waves"

Queen Kayla and her Shark People hold Flash captive underwater while Ming prepares a sneak attack on the Rebel forces.

Episode 107
"Wings of Destruction"

Flash competes against Aura in the Mongonian Aerial Games. Although a truce is in effect during the games, Ming attacks.

Episode 108

"The Invisible Claw"

Sulpha, Ming's dragon scientist, creates an army of invisible Rock People to conquer a peaceful desert kingdom. Can Flash stop them?

Episode 109

"Pit of the Tigrons"

While Ming is away, Aura takes command of Mongo. She offers a truce if Flash will agree to marry her and rule Mongo at her side.

Episode 110

"Cry of the Pantheron"
Kobalt the mercenary pretends to fall in love with Thundar, raising Flash's suspicions when he joins an attack on Ming's bomb factory.

Episode 111

"The Dragon Strikes"

Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov discover Mango's legendary lost Hall of Science. Surprisingly, Sulpha helps keep the secret from Ming.

Episode 112

"The Wrath of Ming"

Believing that Ming has lost his mind, Aura and Kayla hatch separate plots to overthrow Ming and take the throne of Mongo.

Episode 113

"Rocket to Oblivion"

Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov set off for Earth in an experimental space ship, unaware that Sulpha has hidden a bomb in the ship.

Episode 114

"Ambush in Arboria"

Dale joins forces with one of Ming's loyal supporters, handsome Prince Barin of Arboria. Is Dale betraying Flash and the rebellion?

Episode 115

"Moon of Mystery"

Flash and Aura form an uneasy alliance to protect the peaceful inhabitants of a previously undiscovered moon from Ming's wrath.

Episode 116

"Revenge of the Dragon!"

Sulpha finds a cache of what seem to be dragon eggs, and asks Flash to stall Ming while she searches for the secret to her lost race.

Episode 117

"The Fiendish Experiment!"

Zarkov literally loses his mind in a dangerous Dynacrystal experiment, enabling Ming to lure Flash and Dale into a deadly trap.

Episode 118

"The Dungeons of Despair!"

Ming throws Lynch in jail, but his replacement performs so well that Flash, Aura and Barin trick Ming getting Lynch back.

Episode 119

"Treasure of the Depths!"

Talon discovers Ming's powerful energy source, a priceless hoard of Dynacrystals hidden deep in a mountain lake.

Episode 120

"Fortress of Fear!"

Ming prepares to attack King Vultan of the Hawk People, It's up to Flash and Talon to keep Hawk City from being blown from the sky.

Episode 121

"Palace of Peril!"

Ming's Imperial Palace becomes a battleground when Flash reprograms a factory to turn out Rock Warriors with minds of their own.

Episode 122

"Shadow of the Shark!"

Ming's plan to invade Earth threatens Kayla's underwater kingdom. Flash must prevent a war between them before it destroys Mongo.

Episode 123

"Double Disaster"

Flash shoots down Ming's Megaraptor with Ming himself aboard. So who is the mysterious double of Ming taking his throne?

Episode 124

"The Fur Flies"

When Ming fires Kobalt, the Pantheron mercenary goes into business for himself, posing a threat to a secret Rebel mission.

Episode 125

"Enemy Ming"

When Aura, Ming and Flash crash land on a barren moon, they must work together to avoid being captured by space pirates.

Episode 126

"Escape to Earth!"

Earth is placed in jeopardy when Flash and Dale's parents attempt to rescue their children by reopening the black hole doorway.