True to its title, "The Story Begins" introduces the audience to the Defenders Of The Earth's colorfully animated cast of characters.

It is Flash Gordon, whose spaceship crashes near Mandrake and Lothar's mansion, who tells us of evil Ming's plan to destroy the earth. In addition to being panicked over Ming's plans for the destruction of earth, he is anguished over the well-being of his wife and son Rick whom he was forced to leave behind.

At this point the audience is transported to Ming's kingdom of Mongo, from which Flash narrowly escaped. We first see Rick, Flash's adolescent son. Like his two intergalactic hero parents, Rick is both courageous and resourceful. Yet while the bravest of young men, Rick is still not able to escape Ming's prison without the help of an adorable animal named Zuffy. Zuffy later becomes the mascot of the Defenders. With Zuffy's help, Rick escapes but unfortunately his mother does not. She dies in the hands of Ming's evil Inquisitor robot.

In this first battle between good and evil, the death of Rick's mom emphasizes the fact that the good guys don't always win. But while Rick's mother was dying she was holding onto a crystal which absorbs her essence. Rick later incorporates this crystal into his computer, Dynak X and it becomes its soul.

Back to Flash who along with Lothar, a wonderfully kind and strong man and Mandrake, the master of illusion, go off to recruit the Phantom to their team. The Phantom has the ability to call upon the strength of 10 tigers and uses that strength to ward off evil. In addition there's L.J., Lothar's 18 year old son and Jedda the Phantom's exotic daughter who possesses an inner world of telekinetic powers.

While in search of Rick, Ming captures the team. At this point they bond together against him and vow to defend the earth forevermore... thus the name Defenders.

Kshin, a 10-year old orphan joins in and becomes Mandrake's stepchild. He is the youngest apprentice of the Defenders. He and Zuffy become bosom buddies and, in fact, are together when Ming's full-scale attack takes the group by surprise. Kshin and Zuffy fall into a huge cavern from which they are rescued by the Defenders -- once the group is safe from Ming's advances.The computer Dynak X tells them it's a great place to hide and this complex, known as the Monitor, becomes the new headquarters for the group.

Ming, unhappy with the Defenders being so well hidden, dredges up Kurt Walker, Kit's older brother, to aid in his attack upon them. Kurt had always vowed revenge upon Kit since it was Kit, the youngest, who received the birthright to become the new Phantom and not Kurt. Giving Kurt 24 hours worth of super powers of N'Dama, The Weather Demon, Kurt forces Phantom out of hiding and challenges him to a race for the Jewel of Zandoon. If he wins he will claim the title of Phantom.

It is against this backdrop that the brightly colored world of the Defenders is pitted against a graying, muted atmospheric energy of evil. The players are all clearly defined, their powers delineated, their allegiances prioritized and their backgrounds richly imbued.

As exciting as the characters is the high tech spaceage world in which they live where robots and computers have a life all their own.


Kro-Tan overtakes his father only to fall prey to his own greediness. Kro-Tan, Ming's son, wants to take over his father's kingdom. He pays a visit to Zorelda, an old ugly witch with magical powers and asks for her support. Zorelda complies and gives Kro-Tan three powers: teleportation, telekenesis and disguise. It is through the use of these powers that Kro-Tan disguises himself as a handsome earthling and begins a flirtation with Jedda, Phantom's gorgeous redheaded daughter. Getting the Defenders on his side to destroy Ming is not difficult for Kro-Tan, especially with Jedda on his side. Kro-Tan also charms Jedda into moleculizing (destroy and turn into molecules) Ming. Now that their arch enemy is destroyed (and unaware of just who Kro-Tan is) the Defenders take a vacation. They go off to Africa to help an old friend of Jedda's -- Ted Walton --who is trying to save the earth. Ted is a brilliant young scientist who desparately needs funds to help his project. But Kro-Tan has other plans. He disguises himself as a sponsor of Ted's project and tries to get him to help him transport the Earth to Mongo. In the process, Kro-Tan also hooks a tiny mind-control bomb to Ted so that he can control his thoughts. Kro-Tan places the same mind-control bombs on 6 of the Defenders and also manages to capture Jedda and take her back to Mongo to be his bride. Naturally she refuses his advances but Kro-Tan threatens the Defender's destruction if she doesn't give in. Jedda is forced to marry the scoundral. But wait! She manages to get a message to Flash, the only one without a mind bomb. The landscape is particularly beautiful to her. Mongo in winter is blue with snow. There is a mystical quality that draws one in. Tones are muted and soft as Lothar and L.D. learn of Kro-Tan's plan to launch a missle towards earth. Mandrake, Phantom and Jedda are attacked by snowbeasts and Zuffy and Kshin are tracked down by Zuffoid-killing robots. Meanwhile we find out what it is that Zorelda really wants. It seems that she wants Ming's molecules for a stew that holds Suramong, the first emperor of Mongo and Zorelda's love. It is only when Kro-Tan's back is up against the wall (the Defenders are right on his tail) that he forfeits the molecules which of course releases Suramong who takes over Kro-Tan. Suramong, assured that he can never again lose, gets rid of Zorelda and starts to reign over Mongo. Ah! But there's a catch. There is one who can stop him. A zuffoid. Only a zuffoid has the power to destroy Suramong and of course, Zuffy does that which automatically restores Ming to his former power. Now the evil Ming is back and newly aware of his son's ultimate plans to overthrow him. The Defenders, in tact, return home awaiting some new unknown horror that Ming will attempt to bestow upon the earth.


The necklace of Oros would give Ming his long-awaited wish of knowing the secret of gravity. Knowing that it is Jedda's birthday and, on that day, she gets to select a gift from the family jewels Ming arranges through Gravitron that she select the necklace. Thus begins another splendid episode in which the forces of good and evil are colorfully depicted through luxurious landscapes and terrifying aliens.

Once Jedda selects the necklace she is fair game for Gravitron, an evil alien reptilian/humanoid. It is Mandrake who suspects some dirty deed is going on and hypnotizes her. Under hypnosis she reveals the power of the necklace --- and Gravitron's role in it.

Once all this is known the fight is underway. Taking us through the Skull Palace, the Phantom's Family Room, Ming's Palace and earth we are led on an inter galactic war which in fact, almost destroys the earth.

Still the fight is on for the necklace and Jedda, caught in the battle, is almost pulled out of this galaxy only to be rescued by Rick and L.J. But has she really been rescued? She's in a coma.

Kro-Tan builds a wall around the earth. The wall keeps out all sunlight, plunging the earth into a deep freeze. Flash and Prince Barin (a good guy) manage to infiltrate Mongo and start a slave uprising and a rebellion against Ming. Flash is caught and tortured by the Inquistor (robot) but the hero never gives in. Ultimately the defenders escape.

The issue of the necklace hasn't been resolved, though. This time Ming turns to Hadea, goddess of the Underworld to maintain his anti-gravity device while he seeks out Jedda's necklace. Jedda, still in a coma, is taken off to Africa in search of medical help. While there the Phantom, Rick, L.J. and Jedda fall into Hadea's web who transports them to another visually splendid environ. This time it is the Phantom who is the prized partner and in agreement for letting Jedda go, the Phantom promises to marry Hadea.

It is after the Phantom escapes from Hadea's underworld and stealing the necklace in the process that warring factions develop between Ming, Graviton and Hadae. Each wants the necklace for their own purposes but ultimately the Defenders get it back and Jedda, in a state of true consciousness throws it into the the atmosphere so that it can never be possessed by evil forces again.


We start off in Morocco when the Defenders learn that a part of that ancient land has disappeared! Kshin wants to go but can't because he hasn't done his homework. Well, Kshin is not about to be left out of the action. In fact, when Mandrake tells Kshin he may read any book in his library for his book report, other than the Book of Enigmas, we know that that is exactly the book that Kshin will read.

The adventure unfolds simultaneously when the heroes try to find the reason for the loss of part of Morocco and Kshin opens up the forbidden volume. Through Dynak X, Kshin is able to instruct the Defenders to find the lost city and, once they find it, how to unjam the field surrounding the lost area.

Once inside they accidentally awaken the Sleeping God. Upon seeing them he holds them responsible for removing the stone eye of the dragon.Whomever stole it has imprisoned him.He can't return home until it is returned. Punishment for this is death - boiling in oil - but Kshin rescues them in the nick of time. He explains to the now awake Sleeping God that they are not responsible for this transgression. After letting the Defenders retrieve the Eye for him the Sleeping God returns home, as do our champion Defenders.

Meanwhile, Ming is attempting to find an obelisk which would give him the power to travel 4 times the speed of light and thus enable him to foretell the future.

It is by accident, while in North Africa battling Ming's roboships, that Flash discovers the obelisk. Unaware of its power but curious as to its significance Flash takes it back with him to his fellow Defenders. When Rick and L.J. touch it they see the future, one in which they defeat Octon, another dreaded enemy. Although confused, it is clear to them that this is a powerful object.

Ming gets wind of the fact that the Defender's possess the obelisk and goes after them via Scavanger, the desert Arab whose home Ming uses as a base for his search. But it is Mandrake, whose magical powers are too much for Ming, who defeats the emperor and sends the obelisk beyond the reach of mortals. Ming goes off to ice station earth.

Away from it all, Kshin is on vacation with his good buddies. After seeing a ghost ship, no one believes him so in an attempt to show them that it's not a fantasy he goes out to the ship. He soon realizes he's the only one who can see it. The ship and its crew are ghosts and they cannot 'go off to their proper resting place because of a missing compass which locks them into the earth's atmosphere.

While Kshin is trying to do the good deed of rescuing the compass at the bottom of the sea Ming spots him and sends a freezebeam onto the ship. Just in time, the Defenders catch sight of this and blast Ming out of the sky. Kshin gives the ghost crew Morgan's Compass and sets them free and another visually stimulating adventure ends only to have another begin.

Innocently enough the Defenders decide to go to see a traveling carnival. Nothing serious.... until Dr. Kalihari (who is not really the owner but a shyster) begins to find the Defender's top notch quality acts annoying. When Kshin pays the magic store a visit Dr. Kalihari sells him a truly old item -- one which shrinks his fellow Defenders and renders them practically powerless. But good does triumph over evil and they regain their stature once again and lock up Dr. Kalihari and return the carnival to it's rightful owners.

The Defenders triumph once again.